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Державний Експертний Центр Міністерства Охорони Здоров'я України — Державний Експертний Центр Міністерства Охорони Здоров'я України - Державний Експертний Центр Міністерства Охорони Здоров'я України

Country:, Europe, UA

City: 30.5167 Kyiv City, Ukraine

  • Jeanette Schollum - Rick Steve's Spain 2013. Good preparation for a trip and great to refer to when travelling.

    Rick Steves Spain 2013 is well written with very useful up to date information. Content was well ordered and easy to find. Great maps and handy hints for travelling in Spain.

  • Jelly Bean - This has worked better for me than Retin-A did

    I was prescribed Retin-A of differing formulas and varying strengths for years and years by my dermatologist. My skin would peel and turn bright read and splotchy. Finally, I gave up and decided to give this a try and it's worked better for me in terms of reducing my breakouts. I've now been using Proactiv for years, and now in my 30s, it continues to work better for me in controlling and preventing breakouts.

  • Susanne Johnson - Terrible products!

    I will make this brief. Even when I am not thrilled with a product, I will use it up because I spent the money on it, and won't purchase it again. However, I have thus far tossed out 2 Orogold products. The first was an exfoliating product that was so gummy I could not get it off of my skin or hair easily. They want you to believe that the little rolled up pieces that come about when the product is applied and rubbed in is your dead skin being removed. It is the drying product, and it's very difficult to remove.

  • Wendy - great app

    I love zoom! Simple to use & clear connection. This is the only app I use to chat with family & friend's.

  • kramwhite - Horrible waste of money

    This is the ugliest most useless software I have ever had the misfortune to purchase. When I found out that Microsoft is no longer making Streets and Trips I thought this would work. The first hour of "using" it I told myself that I just needed time to learn how everything works. I now understand that there is no everything. You can import data from Excel but then you must click on each stop to add it to the route. It on finds exact matches for about 30% of my stops. The rest it just shows the center of that area or zip code. There is no way to optimize a group of stops, you must add them in the order you want. The map and pins are difficult to read and you only have 2 options for colors, Default and High Contrast. I will go back to paper maps and pushpins before I will ever use this software.