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  • ACEinJm - Superb customer service

    We bought a 2009 Vista years ago. We are city-dwellers, so it functions as our car. It gets hard use - often carrying three kids on salted sidewalks. It is just a terrific stroller: it is comfortable to push with one hand if carrying only one child, and it's the best available solution for multiple kids (not a double-wide, no one riding in the trunk, etc.) Most of all, though, UppaBaby's customer service has just been superb. Since the stroller gets such a work out, we've had a few broken pieces over the years - plus several at the hands of airlines - and the UppaBaby folks are immediately responsive and just incredibly nice. While it was under warranty they sent pieces for free; since then they have replaced others at a reasonable cost and with the same speed and politeness. Over the long-term, this matters a lot!

  • AmBel - It's ok, not as good as Moroccan Oil (brand)

    I was hoping to save some money by purchasing this Argan Oil treatment over the more popular Moroccan Oil. I used, and loved, Moroccan Oil. This Agadir Argan Oil has similar ingredients but it does not work as well. I will finish the bottle (because it's not horrible, just not as great) and then go back to Moroccan Oil. FWIW, I have long wavy hair that I usually blow-dry straight. I use argan oil as a leave-in conditioner and to tame the frizz.

  • valerie - Good games but...

    I like the games but the payoffs are very small. Games seem to be set where you are never ahead. I play a lot of slots and these win less than any others I have ever played. Too bad because the games are so fun.

  • Pamela Kopack - Great Price

    Great Value, but instructions never work so always contact McAfee when trying to install as they will give you the correct code. This is 3rd time buying and was a hassle first time because code did not work. Once I found out to contact the company myself and put in, I became a

  • Cecilia Gyory - The program is totally awesome. My grandson became legally free at the age ...

    I don't know where to start! The program is totally awesome. My grandson became legally free at the age of 7, and human services sent him to live with us. He tried every negative behavior described in the tapes. I bought the program because I was desperate. Little Johnny was abusive and hurting people, months of counseling were of no effect. We were ready to give up on this child and send him back to the state. But, we were told that we were his last chance at family life. If he washed out here, his next stop was a group home. We saw a dramatic change the very first day. I know that sounds impossible, but it's true. The first time his words dropped dead on the floor. He knew things had changed.