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  • David S. - Topps is still the best

    Topps baseball cards have been the most collectible ball cards since the late 50's. There are 32 teams in the MLB and each team has a 40 man "active roster" which comes to 1,280 ball players. This card set includes 661 of the most popular baseball players. If you can find these on sale I recommend getting two sets. One set for opening and enjoying each and every card and another set to keep sealed for the purpose of retaining value.

  • Mark Edwards - Honest review

    I purchased mine direct from Casper but wanted to post an honest review after my first 4 months. I had a come from a Simmons Beauty rest that admittedly had seen its share of life (def a 10+ year mattress). My back was really killing me. I'm 42 and weigh about 140. I was starting to make a "pallet on the floor" with comforters and a yoga mat---really sucked, but my back hurt less. It took me about 2 months to adjust to the Casper but my back pain eventually went away and hasn't returned. It was still a bit too firm and I had had collerbone surgery a few years ago, so on the side where I had my surgery I was just not able to sleep on it still with the Casper, my arm would fall asleep. Casper contacted to check in on me after a few months, as they do (really great customer service, they actually do care) and sent me the topper. I paid $20 for shipping and it arrived 2 days later.