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  • muffinstuff - it felt really good on my skin

    I got this skin brightener in hopes that it would relieve some age spots on my cheeks. When I initially used it, it felt really good on my skin, no irritation or dryness. Felt smooth and absorbed well underneath my sunscreen and makeup. Didn't feel heavy or greasy at all. I also liked the nice light fragrant smell. I received a discount on this product in exchange for my honest review.

  • Red McNamara - Perfect for shipping fabric, etc, - when you have more stuff than package

    What a great purchase! I work with fabrics and tectiles, and often have to ship them. It gets expensive and after a while I started looking for creative ways to make more stuff fit into a smaller container. These bags are perfect! This package has a selection of sizes and you get a lot of bags.

  • TiredMom - This is by far the best release as far as overall song selection

    We have the first three games and played them excessively. We skipped some releases in between that didn't look appealing (I played a couple at my sister's and I just wasn't a fan of the music selection), and then decided to give this one a try. This is by far the best release as far as overall song selection, dance routines, background animation, and innovation.

  • uu archivist - A good but not perfect solution

    The whip antenna on my 2011 Sienna van suddenly snapped off when I was driving about 60 mph. Inspection revealed the failure occurred just above the threaded section at the bottom of the antenna. Thus, it was easy to remove the threaded remainder. The Stubby Antenna was easy to install and is smarter in appearance than the whip antenna it replaced. The Stubby performs reasonably well, but not quite as well as the whip antenna did. Listening to FM with the new Stubby, there is more variability in volume as I drive along a highway, and occasionally when I change direction the station either gains or loses volume. Also, for both FM and AM, I believe I lose signal more quickly when I'm driving away from the station's physical location. Still, its a good solution to a vexing problem: no need to remove the Stubby when I go through a car wash.

  • Kiel Benson - Works great when it works...

    It keeps resetting itself in a loop when I turn the vehicle on with a micro sd card inserted, until I remove the sd card and let it boot up normally and then reinsert the card after it has initialized.

  • Cathy 2House - Really worked for me!

    First, let me say that I read through all the reviews of this product before trying it. I was pretty surprised to find that a great number of the women who wrote about this had not even tried it, but were using this system as a place to air their political and ideological viewpoints. Hey, ladies, I DO NOT CARE about your personal ideology, I want to know if this product actually works or not. I'm a big girl now, I can make my own decisions about whether to support an advertising campaign or not.

  • Angela Cox - Looking forward to seeing results

    I have been losing my hair for the past 2 years. First the sides of my hairline started to recede and then my eyebrows fell out and the hair thinned around my forehead. Really attractive look.