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  • RSL1 - Kreg kit

    I have noticed wooden tables that were constructed in this fashion. Some of these tables were made in the 1950's or even before that. My point is that this is not a new idea, it is just a small portable tool so that the average person like me can do it at home. With good square cuts and glue, this tool allows you to run screws in at an angle. These screws stay tight and add the durability needed to stand up to some rough use. This tool eliminates the need to clamp, so it's a real time saver. I have used this tool several times. Hope this information helps.

  • Sherry L. Monfils - Fun exercise.

    I bought this mainly for my grandchildren to get some "fun" exercise since they hardly ever get out to play. They have such fun with it, and I actually have a ball joining in. A great time to bond with the kids too.

  • Amy Mann - By far the best!!!!

    I have been doing the Body By Vi shakes for about 2 months now. I have to say that I LOVE THEM!!!!! I have lost only 13 lbs, but I have lost 12 inches of fat!!! I have dropped from a size 16 jeans to a size 9. I do 2 shakes a day, 2 snacks and a sensible dinner! Lately we have actually been eating out for dinner..... I am still losing. Most people get discouraged by what the scale says... I say toss out the scale and go by a measure instead!!! Its not the weight that matters its the figure! :-) These shakes have enabled me to give my body some amazing nutrition that has been super easy for me!!! I generally keep my shakes right around 300-320 calories... anything less I am starving and anything more I just wanna eat! I use almond milk in mine as it has lower calories, make a smoother better tasting shake than regular milk..... I add Hershey's cocoa powder, ice, a banana and 2 scoops shake mix to my 8 oz of almond milk every morning! Yummmy!!! I could go on and on and on about these, but I really do not want to bore you.... BUT of all the diets I have tried... Advocare, Herbal Life, MediFast, Alli, Atkins, Weight Watchers.... nothing has worked for me as well as this!!!