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  • Fly_Fisherman - Great Study Guide!!

    Excellent book for studying for my technicians ham radio license....well written. A good study guide with all of the questions and answers that is on the test, but more then that, it explains each answer in detail....Highly recommend!

  • julie in Beaumont - Loved this book

    I loved this book. It was light hearted and the action kept you guessing. I usually have it figured out by the second chapter but not this book. It was well written but does need an editor to proofread it. Otherwise a very enjoyable read.

  • martin - Amazing Tv

    Rarely write reviews, however this tv is worth writing about. Clear sound, perfect picture. Audio could be better but it's really good. Besides you can adjust the audio to how you want it which I did and now it's perfect. No complaints here. This tv is amazing and I'm glad I got it.

  • Doug & Jean - potential buyers, read all reviews!

    I can't vouch for the product yet. But I can tell you we received only one 1/2 gallon as well. Contacted seller and received promise that we would see 1/2 credit because warehouse person goofed. Reading other reviews that person should be fired. Main complaint though is that pump doesn't work as on other reviews. Luckily I was able to use pump from another indoor insect product. I will update this review if we do or don't see spiders in our bedroom! Bought product despite some reviews hoping it will work on those little spiders indoors. The big ones outside, if they can breathe our air and live through the acid rain, live and let live!

  • Ryalda - Ditch your wallet!

    I LOVE this case. It is perfect for eliminating a wallet. I really like how this case holds 3 cards. I get so much attention when I travel about how cool my case is by holding my cards. You never will leave home without your wallet with this case. It is fantastic!

  • Sharon - This actually works!

    Wow, this actually works! After reading some glowing reviews of this product, I was a little skeptical - it sounded too good to be true. But this is the second day my Lab cross has worn his shirt, and I am impressed with how different his behavior is when he has it on. He was a shelter dog and has always been very hyper, with lots of panting, inability to settle down, and licking to the point of creating sores and hot spots (no thunder or other loud noises required). My vet and I have ruled out all kinds of physical causes, and he's still having problems despite careful attention to getting him lots of exercise and positive training for basic obedience and fun behaviors ( e.g., changed work schedules to allow more time in the morning for more exercise). The only time when he would stop the compulsive licking and panting is when I would sit on the floor so he could "lay in my lap" (at 68 pounds, he doesn't fit, but he tries). We had used a soft cone for when we were trying to get a bad sore to heal, which was a little calming, but that was not something he could wear for long periods of time. I didn't want to medicate him, but was running out of other approaches. So when I saw this, I decided to give it a try.