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  • have you been following the hgh situation? - have you been following the hgh situation?

    HGH precursors and all similar products have been proven useless, but Klatz has made his money, so no problem. Very short exercise sessions of high intensity will help your body create the proper 'mix' of hormones..... Go to your health club and find a weight on the leg press machine that you can do slow reps on for one minute. At the end of the one set, you should find it impossible to move the weight,(and feel horrible :-). Do a similar set of of seated chest press and seated row. YOU'RE DONE! You can do more if you want, according to what results you're going for, but a full effort on these three sets will get your hormones going. Actually, the leg press -alone- will get everything going quite well. Say no to drugs.

  • Enid Soto - This is just a fantastic soccer game

    This is just a fantastic soccer game; the game movements are fluid and very rich. It feels very realistic, and the customization features are just superb. You can manage your own team, change uniform designs, compete in lots of different soccer cups and even play your favorite tunes not only during the menu screens, but also in game. At one point you get called to manage your country's national selection, and you get to play against soccer powerhouses like FC Barcelona or the Germany team. They have also an online mode where you play against other gamers in the world. Just lots of fun options for soccer fans.

  • C. Grabert - Really need to improve the off angle viewing.

    Nice picture. I do wish there was more 4K content out there to see how good it could be. My only real complaint is the off viewing angle. Plain and simple, it stinks. This TV was to replace a smaller Panasonic TV which I love, with a fabulous IPS screen that can be viewed from almost anywhere in the room. It is now in my bedroom. I was unable to find a Panasonic TV with the size/features/price I wanted. It seems my dream TV is not sold in the USA. For some reason it is only available in Europe, so I purchased this Samsung. I like it but not sure I love it . I do like it better than a smaller 1080 Samsung that I also own. I wish I had looked more closely at the LG TV's that do also have an IPS screen like my beloved Panasonic.

  • Maile Clark - nice ride but not very durable...especially for the price.

    While we've been very pleased with this stroller while using it, the durability is an issue. We have had the stroller for ~3 years, never taken it on a plane and the frame sheared in two. Customer service was very nice but said there is nothing they can do and thus we will have to throw this stroller away which doesn't seem right given the price they charge.