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  • Ashley I - best for acne prone skin!

    I have really oily acne prone skin. I had horrible scarring all over my face and this too ALL OF THAT AWAY within 2 months. I had gotten this facial peel from the mall first for 45 dollars:( but i was so impressed with it that i didn't mind the price. But now I found it so much cheaper on amazon.... My acne was mainly on my forehead, chin, jaw and upper lip. I'm latina and black so the scars I get are soooo dark! I use this 2 times a week and my skin is so clear, smooth and even toned. My other skin care products seem to work so much better since I don't have a build up of dead skin and oil on my face anymore. I also just it on my chest and shoulders since I tend to get acne and scarring there too. Also, this last me a really long time even though I use it often. You only need a small amount to get the job done. This is also a lot better than a chemical peel. There is not any down time and it doesn't burn, sting, itch or anything!!! I love this it is amazing.

  • ravenrock - Ravenrock

    Hated the main character. She is lazy, doesn't shave her legs, has no moral compass when faced with a murder/hit and run. Frankly, I couldn't finish this book as Evelyn made me sick and I didn't care what happened to her. I enjoy characters who face challenges and grow, not those who are too stupid to care about and whose problems are mostly self-made.

  • oslord - Great results

    Was tough at first when I was sifting through what I could and couldn't eat, but once I got the hang of it, it was no problem!