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  • Liendeni - Some Pros and Cons for you to take into account before purchasing.

    Let me start by saying I have been lifting in gyms for about 30 years and even qualified for Nationals as bodybuilder when I was 27....I'm 43 now. Still going at it strong but wanted a home calf raise machine and an alternative to barbell squats. I've probably lifted on just about any and all commercial grade equipment out there. Here are my thoughts on this piece of equipment and why I only gave it 3 stars. I hope it helps.

  • Amazon Customer - Great for healthy lifestyles

    I have had my Ninja for about 6 months and have to admit it was just an impulse gadget purchase in the beginning. About 2 months ago I really started using it to blend/juice greens and vegitables along with whey protein powder for healthy morning drinks as I am not a breakfeast or big veggie eater. Since using the ninja, which is not difficult at all, I have seen great results and have more energy and have also lowered cholesterol levels. It's convenient, far less expensive than the Vitamix, which I also tried, and the single serve cups work perfectly for on the go snack drinks. If you let it run a little longer it makes the items finer and smoother so that you are getting the entire product unlike a traditional juicer that seperates the pulp. The web is also loaded with ninja receipes. Go to the website for the purchase. It has liberal return and payment plans. Granted, it is slightly noisy however, let's keep in mind what you are paying for the same outcome you would receive from a seperate blender, mixer, juicer. This is by far a great value.

  • Geeta Dhir - amazin, i coul feel the results in a few days

    nobody recomended me this i was looking for something to help wih my eyes which had become very sensitive to sun and ichey ,red & dry. The product is amazing i can see much better, i think it improves the peripherial vision so much that i have startred noticing things that where there on my way to work but i had never seen. It is really good and works like a wonder and soo fast it's amazing.

  • Roberta J Apps - Great Medicine

    I first used this product when I was 5 or 6 years old. My parents used this product for everthing and still do today. I recently purchased some myself to have in my home. Thank you Lee Pharmaceuticals and Amazon.

  • RawMilkandHoney - This product changed our family!

    At six years old, my daughter was starting to unravel mentally and physically. She was anxious all of the time, could not handle the smallest change in routine, was regressing in her learning, and would spend hours locked in her room, re-arranging everything in her room, and insisting on sleeping with very bizarre items. She would also complain of stomach cramps, and would periodically run high fevers and experience vomiting and diarrhea. I started to suspect a food allergy, and found information relating to Candida and leaky gut syndrome and the effects when combined with food allergies. When she testes positive for yeast, I immediately started her on ThreeLac, and cut gluten and casein from her diet. She experienced some withdrawal for a couple of days, but has blossomed since then. She is a child that we have never known - happy, relaxed, well adjusted, social, and confident. No more cramping or vomiting. Apart from her miraculous recovery, my husband and I are sleeping better at night, with fewer aches and pains that we thought were normal, I no longer have migraines or irregular cycles, and our other daughters have not been sick since taking this product. I recommend it to everyone and think it is more than worth the price. You don't have to refrigerate it, can take it anywhere, mix it in anything. I certainly won't hurt you to try it, you can only benefit!

  • Kelly - Wasted my $$ / Cannot return

    It did not work and since it was purchased online through a vendor other than Kaspersky we were not able to get support or return it because it had been opened. Also since purchasing I have noticed the price keeps going down. Guess that tells you something. :-(

  • Hubert Sims Jr. - Wide Range of Brightness Modes

    My favorite. I have a number of headlamps, some of which are brighter, but for its size this is the best. Like the other reviews say, one AA is all you need. The spot is super bright and has a great throw. BTW, the spot has 4 modes including SOS. Literature says 134, 34, and 4 lumens. Flood is a nice even wash of light with 2 modes plus a strobe. What like best is the range of light levels. High spot gives you enough light to see a long distance and low flood (or maybe even low spot) is just right to read a map or book by. Then there's the bag. Just the fact that you get a bag is impressive, but it is also a top quality bag. Nice material, hi tech d-ring, and a seperate pocket for the mesh pocket to tuck in to so your spare batteries dont bang against your headlamp. I'll be getting more.