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  • Jennifer Ritchie - SCAM!

    What a scam! They have been selling glucosamine chondrotin supplements for years, and now they put it in a liquid form and somehow it is better. Ask any doctor or pharmacist and they will tell you that there is NO medical benefit to this supplement. They claim it helps fibromyalgia, but fibro is not a disorder of the muscles or joints, but is neurological in origin. There is NO inflammation with this disease. This is a SCAM that preys on people that have chronic pain that is so bad that they are willing to try anything. It's shameful!

  • Amazon Customer - Grand Slam FINISH

    Get a kick out of this product. Ball Refill makes you feel really good and gets me in the mood. Explosions are better too that's what matters most It is like hitting a grand slam when you are on this for a week.

  • The Fox - All the ENERGY!!!

    WHEW!!!!!! This stuff packs a wallop.....I used to have couple of cups of coffee before my runs in the morning around 5:30AM and that took a lot of time even with the K-Cup. So I wanted to start training and trimming the fat and I did some research everyone recommended this stuff right here. I don't need coffee anymore and this stuff seems to last all day. I will admit the first 3 days I had some weird stomach feelings when I took it with a full glass of water. So now when I get done with the run I have a protein shake about 20 minutes after and I feel great. I saw some reviews on here that were telling people it gave the jitters and the weird feelings of paranoia. I can tell you that is not true. You will definitely feel a huge boost of energy when you start taking it that lasts throughout the day. I feel great and I want to tell you that it is an excellent alternative to coffee in the morning. Hope this helps

  • rtloon - Agreeing with the praise, adding a few points not in other reviews

    Am male, age 62, in good health and mediocre shape, and just yesterday was authorized to begin bearing weight on my leg, 10 weeks after an ankle fusion operation. I want to do a favor to the company who makes and markets a device that made these 10 weeks much better for me and my wife by allowing me to be much more self sufficient, and at the same time not bore readers by repeating the excellent points made in other rave reviews.

  • JenandChan - Great product

    My son is one and isn't even on the charts with his weight. He has a couple of medical issues and he doesn't eat enough food because of it. He loves Pediasure and uses it as his sole nutrition. He is finally starting to grow from drinking Pediasure! I love this stuff and it's easily accessible. I did taste the drink and it tastes like ice cream to me :)