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  • Krystal - FALSE POSITIVE

    We have been trying to conceive for almost 4 years and I have always used FRER because it is said to be the most trustworthy and shows a positive before other brands. After all these years of trying, I was overjoyed to get a positive result. It was clearly positive (dark pink line - NOT an evap. line) and trust me, I know how to take a pregnancy test correctly. I use a cup to test in case this were to ever happen, and I excitedly got out two more tests from the box to confirm. You can imagine my shock when both tests came up NEGATIVE. I was absolutely crushed. All the tests were taken with the same urine, so it must have been a faulty test. I can't say for sure if the new design is to blame, but in 4 years I have never had this happen with the old tests. I read a few other reviews that said the same thing happened to them. I called the company and they issued me a refund, but it doesn't make me feel any better. I've completely lost faith in these tests.

  • Jamu - If you want to shape or make you beard looking nice and you should try this product out

    It is so simple to use. If you want to shape or make you beard looking nice and you should try this product out. It comes with a nice box. Just so you people know, I received this product at a discounted rate for my honest opinion about it. Let me get to the point, it is as easy to use and you can clean it swiftly. The tool is sturdy and durable and can stay on your face without slipping. That is why this beard shaping tool is great.

  • Justin - Great beginners set!

    After doing extensive research on a gold set in the price range of 100-250 USD, I went with this one. Previously I bought a 120USD set from Walmart, I returned them after one game, not that they were terrible clubs, but I could feel the lack of quality. So i bought this set and they day it arrived (2days after ordering) I went and played 9 holes.

  • cmcrook - Great product for camper

    Great product for camper. I have a 40' 5th wheel and place 2 in it when I winterize it for the winter. In the spring I have 2 full containers of water and absolutely no mold or mildew after 3 years in the camper. Palomino Sabre T-BOK. I had mildew problem in my old travel trailer. The bathroom would get a small amount of mildew around the shower wall/tub area. With the large damp rid product I have any issues.


    BEST PRICE / PERFORMANCE CARD EVER ! if you just playing online games like CS- GO -Dota 2 - LoL -wOw etc.. This card for you !

  • Amazon Customer - All Star Sleeve Patch

    Perfect on my Paul Konerko and Chris Sale White Sox All-Star player jerseys (left sleeve) -- covered hard plastic back with light fabric square, heated for 2min on Cotton setting, peeled off hard plastic while hot, stuck on jersey while still warm, then sewed in place after cooled.