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  • Anthony Bourdain, BROWN DOG - BROWN DOG You may be the most cynical, born and bred, citified lefty like me — instinctively skeptical of big concepts like “patriotism”, relatively foreign to hunting culture, unused to wide open...
  • Anthony Bourdain, Up in The Villa - Up in The Villa Some shows start out with a simple premise–or a nebulous one. This one, set in the Greek island of Naxos, was the first one filmed for this season ( episodes are frequently shown out...
  • Anthony Bourdain, THE CHORUS - THE CHORUS I spend a lot of my life — maybe even most of my life these days — in hotels. And it can be a grim and dispiriting feeling, waking up, at first unsure of where you are, what language...
  • Anthony Bourdain, UNFINISHED BUSINESS - UNFINISHED BUSINESS Tagalog, the language of the Philippines, is not an uncommon thing to hear in my household. Like many children all over the world, my daughter arrived home from the hospital to...
  • Anthony Bourdain, ISTANBUL - ISTANBUL It’s a sprawling, beautiful city, still, in spite of the unrestrained construction where Europe and Asia meet. There’s no place like it — and for a time, until very recently, it looked like...
  • Anthony Bourdain, ETHIOPIA - ETHIOPIA Who are we and where do we come from? To what extent are we the sum of our parts? I wonder about stuff like that. And this week, my friend Marcus Samuelsson gets to ponder exactly those...

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  • julia - Noticeably less hair loss!

    I instantly noticed less hair loss in the shower and when I brush. I was losing a lot due to diet, stress, hormones. I feel like this gives my hair a fighting chance to look thicker and grow stronger just because I'm losing less. You would still need a healthy diet and good hair care to see big improvements. I will say that I did sweat a bit more when I first started, and my face got greasy faster. And this is really strange but my fiance kissed me when we both got home from work all day and asked if I had been eating truffles. Okay, no, I hope this stuff has not made me smell like a truffle. I think all of those side effects have tapered down (I also went down to taking it once a day instead of twice and still see a difference in hair loss). I have not noticed much growth but I haven't been looking for that and wasn't too concerned with my length. I don't think I'm growing much NEW hair but my stylist would know better. I'm finishing up my first package and will re-order.

  • Tiffiney's world - Ingestion of this product can be FATAL to your Health

    If this mixture doesn't work for you or you feel sick and exhausted immediately STOP ingesting this product. There is absolutely NO WAY that anyone distributing this product can say without exception they have NO vested in interest in advertising or posting a positive spin. Bottom line, distributors/sellers profit from pushing/selling this product or they wouldn't be in business regardless of the weight loss stories/health benefits that are used to advertised. (Businesses thrive off false advertising.... Think about it! Would you even consider purchasing a product whose benefits disclose the potential related to death or acute renal shutdown?

  • kimberly curtis - So much better than the models advertised on TV

    I am so glad I decided to order this, I have been on the fence ever since these came out because there was always other things that came first. When we received this I took it out of the box to make sure it worked. When it lit up on the wall I instantly became a kid again, I'm sure my face said it all. This little light machine is so awesome. Technology is so amazing, I hate hanging christmas lights and therefore we haven't had any for quite some time. Not this year, our house will stand out and I'm so excited about that. My mom was amazed at the light spectacle as well. She asked what took me so long in ordering one. Its sooooo easy to use. Just take it out of the box, plug it in, push the on switch and you have lights. Its that simple. I am so glad I waited as this is a by far superior model to those sold on tv. Its made of die cast aluminum in bronze color. You can tell its solid made. I love the box that it came in and has a magnet closure. An excellent storage box. Would make a excellent gift.

  • jellybean - Wonderful stuff for my face- I have used many brands ...

    Wonderful stuff for my face- I have used many brands and this is the best. My skin is soft and some of the age spots are fading.

  • kraut - Help mankind....gargle with this.

    If your breath is kicking in the AM....this is a must have. Listerine has nothing on this potion - LOL. It works particularly well when used the night before (before bed). I bring this camping as it's hard to get your teeth clean without a mirror sometimes and if I run into a bear....they do NOT appreciate funky breath :)

  • Jawo - Love to play ball with these sick kicks on

    Love to play ball with these sick kicks on! Makes me move freely and with more agility! Fits nine and half perfectly!

  • Gary B. - First the good: This product is strong and sturdy

    First the good: This product is strong and sturdy, and keeps things cold overnight. Good handles, the hatch is a nice feature. The bad: It leaks terribly. The worse: It started leaking just after the 30 day return window. No abuse or punctures, it leaks around the inner seams. So if you're okay with paying $50 to have ice water running down your leg as you carry it, buy it. I had a soft Coleman for years that never leaked. Back to them next time. Meanwhile I'll see if I can seal this one.