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  • Christoph - works well

    Purchased this to sharpen both regular and rip chains. The sharpener works well, and the portability is nice. In addition it can do the compound angles needed for rip chains a major plus. However, the unit gets hot so you will also want to ware gloves while operating.

  • Raleigh man - Very Nice (but make sure your know how your TV connectors are laid out)

    The Cheetah APTMM2B is a great product, well designed, and easy to install but HDMI cables prevent a key safety feature from kicking in! This excellent (for the right situation) wall mount is ingeniously designed to first hang your TV on a single (top) bar of the wall mount and then, when you’re finished with feeding cables through the hole in the wall, simply pressing the TVs bottom toward the wall causing noticeable clicks that signify latching to the bottom bar. At this point the TV cannot be lifted and therefore cannot be disengaged from eh top bar of the wall hanger.