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  • A. Tibbets - I really like it, the cat has mixed feelings about it.

    I've had this particular Waterpik for about a year now and really like it. I don't use all of the attachments, but at least they store inside the lid - out of the way. Compared to my old Interplak water jet this one is wonderful. Higher water pressure, better attachments, larger reservoir, cord storage area and a lid that completely covers the top of the reservoir to keep stuff out of it.

  • Rachel L. - Bought two in september, one is already having to be returned

    I had one plugged into a fan and it worked great. For all of a month. It would occasionally drop signal and I'd have to reconnect it, which was frustrating but liveable. Tech has hiccups right? Well last night it just completely quit. Wouldn't let me connect, wouldn't let me re-establish a signal, nothing. So I'm replacing it and hopefully this new one will work better (and hopefully my second one doesn't have this problem.

  • K. Poby - Who knows... might be helping...

    I have no idea if these things are working or not. We had been putting them in my daughter's nighttime bottle of EBM, per the recommendation of our pediatrician after we mentioned she has a lot of gas. It's tough to tell how bad her gas would be if we didn't use them... With five drops per day, this bottle lasts just under a month.

  • Banana Fingers - What a Relief!!!

    I cannot say enough good things about his product. Let me try. In the era I like to call BBS (Before Banana Slicer), to cut my bananas I would have had to pull the tarp off of the old band saw in the barnyard storage shed, rev up the generator (many times making a trip to the docks for the required whale oil fuel) and carefully placing the banana on the saw bed. I cannot count on my fingers how many times I missed the banana.... I really can no longer count without fingers. Now with the banana slicer those days are over. Me and my hand stumps thank the inventor of this blessed device. Now, if only they can come up with a banana peeler.