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  • Hammercook - Good product but it has a bad component

    The NuWave oven pretty much does what it's billed as. It does cook from frozen rather easily, which is terrific since most other appliances don't. It browns nicely on the outside while cooking on the inside. It's low maintenance and doesn't generate much kitchen heat if at all. It is very easy to use and I imagine it would be terrific for folks with little or no cooking experience, or those who need to cook something quickly from frozen after coming home from work. Plus, it cooks means and vegetables together using the supplied racks, making clean-up very easy. All great features.

  • Nick - Seems to be working just fine with no issues

    Used on my 05 yamaha road star midnight star edition in the transfer case. Seems to be working just fine with no issues.

  • Amazon Customer - These lenses look great and fit awsome

    These lenses look great and fit awsome. My only complaint is they are marketed as being polarized, but the lenses don't seem to be polarized. There is a lot of glare when the sun is very bright. I am disappointed in the glare reduction after reading all of the other reviews. The price is pretty good, but there are some $10 sunglasses from walmart that have better polarized lenses.

  • Never again - Shoddy quality & forever disillusioned with Ray-Ban/Luxottica service

    After purchasing this pair of sunglasses, I’ve sworn off all Ray-Bans, and, by extension, all sunglasses produced by Luxottica. After a year of ownership, while sitting in the original case, in luggage, the lens cracked, propagating from the top of the frame – clearly a manufacturer’s defect. When I sent them into Luxottica (which owns Ray-Ban), they denied warranty service. Any attempts to contact customer service (phone and email) was met by the rote “a trained technician has deemed your eyewear non-defective.” In the end, all they did was ship the broken sunglasses back to me. Amazon, however, graciously let me return them, even a year after purchase; so if you insist on buying Luxottica/Ray-Ban products of dubious workmanship, at least do it on Amazon.

  • Amazon Customer - I must say I love the Ionix supreme but unfortunately the program did not ...

    It didn’t work for me at all; I did the entire 30 day program. Instead of losing weight I gained about 1kg. I must say I love the Ionix supreme but unfortunately the program did not work for me!

  • Hunter - Learned to love it.

    When I first got my Timbuk2 Command Messenger bag, I did not like it one bit. It was big, and the material is stiff (due to the waterproof nature) and I had trouble figuring out how I would get all my stuff from my other bag properly arranged in this one. In fact, I set up a return to send it back to Amazon. However, I decided to start using it and have learned to really love this bag, I don't go out the door without it now. The first think I did was unhook the accessory pouches that are webbed to the inside of the main compartment and stowed them inside of the smaller pockets in the front of the bag (the 2012 version no longer has these accessory pockets, they get in the way). Stowed inside of the smaller pockets does take up a bit of storage room, but I can still use them for keeping my pens and business cards organized, and they are actually easier to grab located in the front of the bag rather than buried deep down inside the main compartment.