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  • Rodney - Just follow the directions on the bottle and be sure ...

    Just follow the directions on the bottle and be sure to remove the thermostat and turn heater on high. I couldn't believe it worked lol. 2005 Acura Tl.

  • Gottschis - We staring at the stars at night with our children

    We love staring at the stars every night. This is such a great way to get your kids learning about our universe.

  • Virgil Bolton - Shallow

    I feel like I was fooled. I read the first one and decided to give the second the benefit of the doubt. I couldn't believe the third could be as bad. Fooled me... What a stupid conclusion!

  • Booklvr D - Love the Variety

    Love this game it is fun and gives a good workout. When the game suggests that you should stop an activity for the day I would listen to it otherwise you will have muscle fatigue the next day!! :) Love that there are levels of intensity that increase as your fitness level increases. I wish they didnt have your image on the screen its distracting when they put you next to some super fit instructor..i guess that could be motivation.