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  • melissa - Conceals Dark lines under your eyes.

    I was recommended this product by a friend and I was glad I took her recommendation. I have dark lines under my eyes and the Erase Paste helps to conceal these lines. I love product that can make me look and feel younger.

  • Debbie R Gould - love it...!

    I bought the ninety day supply. When I started I had eczema on my face. After 2 weeks my eczema is gone and my skin looks wonderful. I have received glowing comments that I look 10 years younger. My friends all want to try it. I have tried the proactive founders anti-aging cream and it was more expensive and did nothing for me or my eczema.

  • Eohany - Liked it, but not sure I enjoyed it

    This is a rather strange, eclectic mix of of readings. Some I liked very much, others were off-putting and quite frankly, weird. I don't mean that in a negative way, but there doesn't seem to be an over-reaching theme to tie everything together neatly. The closest I can come to is that the readings made me think and consider. I will say that one of the reasons I chose this book was because of the Lemony Snicket mention. I had thought it might be something my middle schooler would enjoy. She may when she's older, but this collection is definitely not aimed at that crowd. There are some disturbing themes and language used in multiple stories. Personally, I wouldn't recommend this for any age younger than high school at the minimum. It's also not an easy read. I found myself putting it down, picking it back up, reading a few more stories then setting it aside again. I think my younger self would have enjoyed it a bit more than my older, more cynical present.

  • tammy matthews - great product

    we need these for our skeetervacs so we can enjoy the outdoors in maine way to many black flies in june

  • P. H. - Fits like a glove, easy to install

    Everything they say about this little safe is true. I have the combo lock model. Installation was as described. There is plenty of room for my S&W 640, several holsters and some tools. I attached a holster to the left inside of the safe to hold the 640 in upright in place. I definitely feel comfortable leaving my valuables in the truck in a parking lot. Good product.

  • Hawaii Kai - Want beautiful hair? Try this.

    I am af-am with very thick, coarse, curly, 3c/4a combination hair. I bought my first container of Ojon a few years ago and declined use because of the scent. I was also skeptical of its claims to repair damage as hair is mainly protein. I questioned that an oil product could function as anything but a lubricant in this respect. Fast forward to earlier this year, which is when I dyed and chemically relaxed my hair...after several years with no chemicals. I also started using a flat iron. Needless to say, my once healthy, shiny, and strong mane disappeared in an instant. What was left, even after repeated attempts to recondition, was a dry, brittle, frizzled mess. It actually resembled an old synthetic wig.

  • Harper - WOW!

    It's great! Gives energy .... no more mid day crash! No preservatives! And now for the con... it tastes horrible when just put with water. Gritty nasty! But.. add a couple tbl spoons of honey and fruit for a smoothie and your good to go!