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  • Amazon Customer - Company does not provide replacement parts and does not help

    I bought 5 of the LeapPad 2 units and the chargers and the battery packs and some games for 5 of my grand kids last Christmas.

  • Amazon Customer - Ford Mustang 2010 GT

    The Tech Guy was very knowledgeable don't remember his name ..called back within 5 minutes he's awesome he deserves a raise.. remote start works good on my 2010 Ford Mustang GT thank you very much

  • LB2000 - Will definitely buy again!!!

    I really love this curling custard!!! It holds and defines your curls really well and it does not leave your hair feeling hard, flaky or crunchy. It also adds shine to your curls. It works best when used with kinky curly knot today leave in detangler.

  • JMK 10 - Unable to download Android apps??!!

    I bought this phone specifically to use abroad. So far, so good. I will echo the complaints of others regarding the pathetic battery performance. The battery drains within one day --- and I turn off the 3G/data option because I have all-day access to wi-fi! On the other hand, I appreciate the camera and video features, nifty screen and ease of use.