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  • Jerry F Garcia - No Blu-ray player in this version, but 4K support

    There is no Blu-Ray player, however to be honest I never used it as blu-ray player. Here I have external devices. I really like that 4K is fully supported so that my 4k taken photos won't lose their quality while making a video out of the greatest ones.

  • ksteph79 - Take it in the morn? Or at night?

    I have social anxiety and fears in cars... Like if I'm in the passenger seat we can be 1000 feet from another vehicle and I cringe like we are going to be in an accident... It's worse on the highway... My husband gets frustrated with me because I make him take the long way and back roads when possible to avoid the highway. So I've been looking for more natural ways to stay calm besides taking Xanax when needed. And I've tried a few other stress and anxiety relief supplements, some make me really sleepy.... And this blend confuses me because it seams like you should take it in the morning to be calm and less stressed and anxious throughout the day, but on the other hand reading reviews people say they take it at night to sleep. So I decided to play around with these on a day I had no real major things I needed to get done. So I took only 1 with my breakfast. I did feel calm and Alittle taking 2 would of made me really relaxed I'm thinking. And I wasn't really lazy but I didn't get much done.... For me I think it's the St. John's wart that makes me tired. Everything I've taken with St. John's wart has made me sluggish to an extent. I'm always tired and lazy so I don't need anything else to make me more then I took one at night before bed and my mind wasn't racing at night and I was able to sleep pretty well.... So my conclusion on this for myself.... I take 1 at night to be in my system as most stuff works best if you take it regularly ... Then when we are going on long car rides or I'm going to a pretty major social gathering or whatnot, then I will take one before them situations. This seams to be working for me. Everyone is different and so you would have to determine when the best time and situations would be for yourself to take them...I figured since a serving is to take 2... If I take one at night and the 2nd one as needed on a day to day basis... Then is should be good for me. The product does do what it claims, it came in the mail when promised...packaged nicely.

  • Cake lady 49 - This book solves that problem and is very easy to follow

    A friend had a previous edition of this book from a trip she had made around the country a few years ago and last fall we used it on a trip from Florida to Massachusetts. It was enormously helpful on our trip as well and so I purchased this 2016 edition for a trip we are making this fall. I can remember stopping at exits in years past looking for gas or food or a hotel and there being nothing there. This book solves that problem and is very easy to follow. We will be trying it out in about 5 weeks. :)

  • Augustus Hinds - Clearer Thought!

    I just started grad school, and concentration is very important. This product seems to have helped a great deal. I definitely can focus on studying with less distraction and more attention to detail. I make it a point to take it daily to enhance my concentration and improve my study habits. I have many obligations that draw my attention, family, job, illness, etc. and I do not use prescription support, I prefer natural supplements - this product enhances my healthy choices while supporting my attention loss/needs. I have recommended this product to my classmates and I will continue to use the product.

  • William - An interesting read but nothing new

    While incite full you could find much of the information elsewhere online for free. The section on Chris Christie was the only new piece of information.

  • Austi hurlburt - Simply BRILLIANT!!!!!!

    Bella Forrest has a truly amazing mind and has done it yet again. As a fan of her other books, I jumped at the chance to read this book and I am so happy I did. Another book that I had a hard time attempting to put down. (Ahh, but the kiddo needed supper, lol)