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  • J. Stoltz - Perfect for my pellet rifle.

    I'm giving this 5 stars because it is super easy to use. One thing I don't like is the view finder doesn't seem real clear and hard to see with glasses. But I'm still able to get distances uphill easy and quick. Update: I took my glasses off and was able see much better! Great for getting distances for creatures in trees.

  • Good_Person - Great book, very detailed

    After reading almost the entire book, I must say this book is amazing, both for newcomers to Word and old time users. And it covers almost everything. I know my way around in Word pretty well, and still, I became much more informative after reading this book, with so many tips and tricks, some known (for me) and some hidden.

  • Jennifer LuVert - Great read!

    I confess that I'm so overwhelmed with all kinds of clutter that I finish very few books I start these days. Well, this is the first e-book I've ever finished, reading every page from start to finish...even if it took months to do. I'm ready to tackle the assignments, to begin getting rid of the clutter that keeps me from giving and living my best for God.

  • David Taylor - A good first-contact read.

    I confess: I am a first-contact junkie. I will read just about any novel that gets the science reasonably right and provides me with a vicarious experience of what it might be like to meet an alien species. I'm happy to report that this book, although flawed, delivers that experience. The writing could be greatly improved by a study of the basics (example: using a strong verb is always better than throwing an adverb at a weak one), but good writing is, sadly, a rarity in current science fiction, and this book is at least above average for the genre. And the science is pretty solid, with reasonable extrapolations of how what we know today might evolve in the future. In terms of the story line, the book is at its best when it sticks to its main theme, which is how to make contact with the alien entity and secure its cooperation in solving an epic problem. I wasn't crazy about the some of the prolonged shoot-em-up scenes, and the sex scenes and fantasizing seemed pretty gratuitous. I had the uncomfortable feeling that the author was following one of those how-to-write-a-best-seller formulas, throwing in a little sex and violence to "spice up" the story. I think the story was just fine without adding anything extra.

  • Shirley Hotop - Kenra Hair Taffy

    I have been using this product for several years but have trouble finding it in smaller communities, I have short hair and it works wonderfully after I blow dry, apply Texturizing Taffy with my finger tips and fluff and lift, gives very good hold and definition to my style.

  • J. Mahoney - Don't be mislead. It's not what you think.

    I heard "parental safe wifi" and thought, GREAT! My daughter can go to sesame street, fischer price, Nick Jr, Disney Jr. for her favorite educational games and shows. Perfect! I chose this for her over any other tablet. HUGE mistake. This thing comes with LIMITED PRECHOSEN sites ONLY. A few dozen cartoons, animal videos and ONE dumb game.

  • Amazon Customer - Waste of money.

    Waste of money. After fifteen minutes of pressing it against my nails it was still empty. The wife tried it on her fingernails and it didn't remove any material at all. It may work in the tv ads but not in my home. Just vibrates and doesn't remove anything. Your nails would need to be made of butter for it to trim them.