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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Andrew Osborn - A fish-lover must (not sushi-lover)

    Any fish tank/fish owner knows you have to use good stuff, to maintain healthy fish. Prime is a staple of that, ensuring that the fresh, clean, new water is safe, by neutralizing the chlorine. Big bottle will last through many water changes and great price for the quantity (mL).

  • googleplex - Had some issues, but they were quick and happy to solve it.

    I had some trouble with this filament being too soft and buckling in my extruder. This seemed to be an aberration, and Michael and Larry were very helpful in working with me to solve the problem and quickly send replacement filament. Otherwise the filament prints very well with no odor and comes on a large spool so it feeds reliably. I will be buying more, since they clearly stand behind their product and will go out of their way to satisfy / help.

  • J. Hamilton - There are better frisbees than this in 'Sports & Outdor"

    My rating is truly less than 1. I was excited when item came & being a retired chef, it was tested right away. The timed cooking function wouldn't work - so called NuWave people. What I was subjected to was by far the absolute worst, rude, uncaring, sarcastic, demeaning, and even punitive customer service and returns departments I've ever encountered in my life, leaving me repeatedly on hold for 15-20 minutes 3 times, trying to discourage my attempts (Yeah, I hear you. I remained productive during that time). Talked to 5-6 people over several calls & no one would acknowledge belief that I could even have a problem as theirs at home "works just fine". Could not even get through to Tech Support. Finally got to speak with a supervisor after 10l calls, & turns out no one there had ever tried the timer function. Supervisor consulted with Tech Support while I waited and found out that some information was omitted from the instruction manual on timer use.

  • Amazon Customer - Worth the bucks

    I'm seeing a lot of love/hate in the other reviews, and I think the truth is somewhere between all the exclamation points. You're not going to get a James Bond level high-tech gizmo that works without reading the instructions for $35, folks. It says it was on sale when I bought it, but I imagine not a lot of people actually paid the $100 list for this thing, because that's ... ya. For the price, this performs, in my opinion, better than expected. If it fails in the next few months I'll come back and revise my review, but I think this is a safe bet.

  • RobF - Very Good, but not perfect, choice for SOHO use

    Have had this printer now for >6 months, and we're generally happy with it. We're still on our first fill of the ink tanks, and have had no problems with nozzle clogging or other issues. At just $9 per refill of each color, the operating cost is excellent. Print speed is good, and print quality is OK for office use (we don't use it much for photo printing, so can't comment on that).