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  • No name - Fantastic ..here are the pros and cons..best present I have ever got!

    This product definitely works. When u first use it it definitely stings but after a couple of uses doesn't sting at all as hair is less. Do not flash the light on the same place twice thinking that it will kill hairs faster, I did this and burned myself ..ouch.

  • Kathryn P. Coleman - Can't believe I waited this long!

    I am 66 years old and have been married 38 years. We received a Le Creuset casserole pot as a wedding present...it has been fantastic and served us well. But I have secretly longed to have the 5.5 qt. pot!

  • Alex - Does the job!

    If you have old pipes, this might be just what you need to keep things flowing, even if it isn't a septic system you have! I'm not a plumber but I've used this on my two OLD houses and it cuts down on or eliminates snake time. If it DOU work, DO call a good plumber! Otherwise, a box every six months is all you need.


    Its very frustrating to hear some of the uneducated reviews on here, depicting this product as harmful. Get educated about the product before you spout misinformation

  • Heidi Hey Hoe - No humor, sad plot, her usual good writing.

    Ok book, but Harris has lost her sense of humor in all her books. Back photo shows her looking great, though, very serious for a Roe Teagarden

  • sirBrently - Love this stuff!!!

    I am a flight attendant.. I change time zones very frequently and often times have problems getting myself to sleep. This product works well... I have found that it takes about 2 hours for it to set in (for me anyways) I have friends who use it and it works in 30 minutes. I just take it at 8PM to get to sleep at 10PM... etc.

  • mike parker - I received this item quickly. It met all my ...

    I received this item quickly. It met all my expectations and the product details. It fit properly in a 3 X 6 inch check book cover. The only improvement I would suggest for the item would be to make the outer page of a heaver card stock.