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  • Blues30 - My joints even felt great! However

    I wanted this product to work. I was really desperate. I ordered a box of this as well as the five lac. After taking Three Lac all my yeast symptoms subsided. My joints even felt great ! However, I felt like I was getting a UTI. After having a big problem with UTI's in the past this really scared me. So I called Three Lac and they told me it was part of the die off and I wanted them to be correct. So I went down to half a packet. I even had my husband try this and he felt like he was getting sick. The half a packet still made me feel like I had a UTI. I also had horrible abdominal cramping while taking this. So I stropped taking it and the UTI symptoms and abdominal cramping went away.

  • Daniel J. - Better than Norton Security Suite 2012

    I now run 2 anti-virus programs been running latest Norton 2012 Security Suite and kept getting a curious Java update notice when system started after getting this was very suspicious but Norton was saying system was clean, so I downloaded Webroot, I had used this years ago without anti-virus. Maximum PC rates this 9+ and doesn't interfere with other anti-virus running because it's in the cloud. Webroot did find 3 Trojan files on my system now I don't get those Java update messages anymore, very happy with software. Anybody rating this a 1-star is an idiot because how does Maximum PC finds it a 9+ kick ass rating and somebody wants to give it 1-star must not like giving fair ratings. I used a lot of security programs don't use free stuff as my computer data is important.

  • Kristina KP Patrice - This album is pure excellence. Nothing was lacking. ...

    This album is pure excellence. Nothing was lacking. Lyrics, beats, arrangement,'s 100% pure quality. This is the album Hip-hop needed I'm 2014. It's definitely on my list to see him perform live.