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  • J. Tsiboukis - Good but not great.

    My little one has really sensitive skin and this is one of the only bath soaps that doesn't give him a big rash and it smells really nice.

  • A. R. - So far it works ! Plain and simple

    Ford dealership wanted to charge me $450.00 to replace an oil pan gasket, and another $483.00 to replace the upper valve gaskets. These were minor leaks on a 2007 Ford Taurus with only 62000 miles on it. The vehicle was emitting a burning oil smell; because the oil was dripping on the exhaust manifold. It stunk bad in the car when you would run the air or anything else. This vehicle has been babied its whole life. Read the instructions on the product carefully and apply as needed to your situation. The vehicle doesn't need to run for two hours straight or nothing like that. Just add as needed and let this non-petroleum based product work it's magic. I have no leaks, no smell and no oil spots on my garage floor. I also have that extra $1000 bucks in my pocket. So far so far so good. I'll update back in a few months.

  • deja0822 - Great Serum

    I had been buying a much more expensive brand of serum and I heard about Boots, so I had to try it. I really like it. It works just as well as the expensive serum. I will continue to use this.

  • AmySmiles - These test should be removed from the market!

    4 years ago I used First response early pregnancy tests after an IVF cycle. I received clear positive results from 6 days post a 5 day embryo transfer. The lines were consistent. Now we just did a frozen embryo transfer and I could not find the old tests, so purchased these instead. I have tried out. 3 boxes Now with very inconsistent results. After doing some research and talking with others on baby center.com I see many others are confused with results from this test as well. It most definitely can give false positives which is fairly uncommon in HPTS, but it is. Also confusing even if you tested positive on other tests because the line never darkens on this one like others. This leads me to believe so,etching is wrong with the test itself. Perhaps it matters batch you get, but 3 tests from one box, using the same urine sample, resulted in different quality of lines, from not there at all, to faint, to most definitely positive. This is very confusing! I will no longer use these tests and would advise others to skip POAS with this brand. For the record I also used their gold digital and both tests had error messages and didn't work. What a waste! I'm sticking with store brand early pregnancy tests as they've give Consistent results and are cheaper!

  • Kari Terhune - Not updated for new format

    Looks like a good book to review chemistry in general, but I'm looking for a review book specific to the AP Chem test that has changed for 2014. This book includes many topics that have specifically been excluded by the College Board. I will not be recommending it for my students to purchase. The first reviewer listed the specifics.