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Eden Pest - Eco-Friendly Pest Control in Oregon & Washington - Eden Pest is your natural solution to pest management. We provide eco-friendly pest control for homes and businesses throughout Oregon and Washington.

  • http://edenpest.com/residential Pest Control for your Home in Oregon and Washington - Eden Pest - Eden Pest's residential program serves homes in Washington and Oregon for all of your year-round, environmentally-friendly pest control needs.
  • http://edenpest.com/commercial Green Commercial Pest Control in Oregon & Washington - Eden Pest - Eden Pest's commercial program serves businesses in Washington and Oregon for all of your year-round, environmentally-friendly pest control needs.
  • http://edenpest.com/pest-library Pest Identification & Control in Oregon & Washington - Eden Pest - Not sure which pest is bugging you? Check out the Pest Library to identify your infestation and how to control the pest problem with Eden Pest.
  • http://edenpest.com/about-us About Eden Pest - Green IPM Pest Control in Oregon & Washington - Eden Pest has been serving Oregon and Washington with our environmentally-friendly, custom IPM pest control solution since 1986.
  • http://edenpest.com/blog Blog - Washington & Oregon Pest Control Experts - Eden Pest - Find out what's new in ecologically-friendly pest control and how to handle seasonal pest issues in Oregon and Washington with the Eden Pest blog.
  • http://edenpest.com/contact-us Contact Eden Pest - Schedule Pest Control in Oregon & Washington - Contact Eden Pest to schedule your eco-friendly, specialized pest control for home or business today. We serve Oregon and Washington.
  • http://edenpest.com/enhanced Enhanced Termite Program - Residential Pest Control in OR & WA - Eden Pest's enhanced termite program is a bi-monthly service that provides year-round termite removal and protection while protecting the environment.
  • http://edenpest.com/bed-bugs Residential Bed Bug Control in Oregon & Washington - Eden Pest - Bed bug infestation is a serious problem and difficult to entirely eliminate on your own. Contact Eden Pest for safe pest control in your home today.
  • http://edenpest.com/commercial/hospitals-care-facilities Hospital & Care Facilities - Commercial Pest Control in OR & WA - Eden Pest understands the need for hospitals and care facilities to maintain strict hygienic standards and services your custom pest control needs.
  • http://edenpest.com/commercial/food-processing Commercial Pest Control for Food Processing Facilities in OR & WA - Meeting the strict standards set by the AIB & FDA, Eden provides commercial pest management services customized for food processing facilities.
  • http://edenpest.com/commercial/dairies-ranches Commercial Pest Control for Farms, Ranches, & Dairies in OR & WA - Exceeding government regulations, Eden provides commercial pest control to protect your animals, customized for farms, dairies, and ranches.

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  • monicas - Don't buy this.

    It's a fraud. It is nothing like it claims, I'm currently trying to return it. It's not a simple return, therefore confirming my thoughts on it's shady tactics. Amazon should remove items like this. I use Amazon weekly, personal and work account. This makes me re-think my purchases. Especially since I have to go through red- tape to return it.

  • Amazon Customer - Great speeds, but configuration needed upfront

    Alright, so my Comcast internet went from 18 mbps to 26 mbps download and approximately 6mbps to 5mbps upload (I'm wireless on this). There's less wires and clutter now that I have one box.

  • Lourdes - Great

    I bought this for the first time on Amazon and found the taste to be very delightful. Walmart was always out of this product and it was a little bit higher price there. We liked it so much that we will continue to buy it again. Great Taste! Doesn't sting or burn when rinsing or gargling.

  • Jaime Hull - Bonus lactation ingredients are great

    VITA ONE Prenatal & Lactation Support Multivitamin - Whole Food Multi Vitamins with Folic Acid for Pregnancy & Fenugreek Aid Breastfeeding - Herbal Blend with Multiple Minerals - BioScience Nutrition from BioScience Nutrition is a good prenatal multivitamin. I still need to take vitamins while breastfeeding so my daughter get the proper nutrients in my breast milk. It has not caused me any upset stomach. Sometimes vitamins do cause my stomach to be upset. They are not too big of a pill to swallow. I also like that you get a two month supply of vitamins. I don't like that you have to take it twice a day. My daughter also will not nurse when I take fenugreek. The lactation support in these multi vitamins is great. I received a discount on this item in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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  • John in Colorado - Not as efficient as represented.

    I purchased mine from the Nuwave website. It was the BoGo offer with the cookware. As written in many other places the S&H for the cookware and second cook top negate any "get one free" benefit. That should be a considration of "how/where" you purchase.