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  • Amazon Customer - Nope!!

    Just cover your meat in spagetti sauce or tomato soup... Same thing. Nothing exciting and not very good.

  • suebee - Very Good!

    This was a very interesting book and was well written. I learned a lot I didn't know about Lucy and Desi and how the I Love Lucy shows got started.

  • Christopher B. - Good...but not as advertised. (Size "Small" review)

    Ok I have a few things to say about this product. I commute to work everyday by bike and I was looking for a smaller bag to substitute for my larger one during the summer where the weather is a lot warmer (read: I sweat a lot more). This bag had great reviews and came in a variety of sizes. So, onto the review..

  • Mohsin Naqvi - A "Must" for Gamers and PC Enthusiasts everywhere

    I bought this SSD after alot of time researching and reading reviews from a lot of different websites. I am not going to go in detail of why this SSD is better than the competition for the sake of keep this review relevant to potential users. The SSD arrived on time like expected from Amazon and I was able to install it without any issues. I didn't order an external case like Samsung recommends only because I wasn't aware of it. which did concern me with copy over my data. Using the provided Samsung migration software I was able to copy about 280 GB of data in under 40 minutes (YES I KNOW!!!). now it was time to boot up the PC. I booted the PC thinking something is going to go wrong with it. Everything seemed to work. I did have to update couple of drivers (using driver navigator) because they didn't copy over only because they were being used at the time of cloning the HDD. I should mention that my boot time was not faster than my existing boot time, which i supposed had something to do with the fact i have a relatively decent HDD installed. Now I booted Far Cry 4 (main reason for upgrading to SSD) and the load times were considerably faster. it loaded about 60% faster then my HDD would load these games. I retested it with Advanced Warfare and same results. This definitely a upgrade any gamer should make.

  • Green Tea - Burns a little.

    Same as other reviewers.. Something is different with this formula and causes the skin to burn a little. I've used this product many times before and loved it. Luckily my skin isn't too sensitive so I'll use the rest of it but will try a different product next time.

  • S. J. Owens - Significantly lessened 5-year-old cat urine smell in mattress.

    Somewhere around 5 years ago, on the one single day that I took the waterproof cover off of my foam mattress, my roommate's cat peed on the mattress. I tried treating it with something or other at the time, and it worked...eh, ok. Since the stain was near the end of the bed and the waterproof cover was over it, the smell was tolerable.