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Evolve Medical Clinics - Annapolis' Highest Rated Primary Care & Urgent Care. Superior providers will see you today. Get the right diagnosis--fast, easy and affordable with no wait!

  • https://evolvemedicalclinics.com/how-we-work-page/ How We Work – Evolve Medical Clinics - Evolve Medical Clinics uses only the very best Primary Care Physicians. We believe superior care begins with superior caring. Our providers are truly elite.
  • https://evolvemedicalclinics.com/values/ The Evolve Values – Evolve Medical Clinics - Evolve Medical Clinics reviews the values and principles on which Annapolis' Highest Rated Primary and Urgent Care is based.
  • https://evolvemedicalclinics.com/how-we-work-page/same-day-appointments/ Same Day Appointments – Evolve Medical Clinics - Whether you need a routine physical or have a health concern that needs immediate attention, your care shouldn't be put on hold. Same appointments available
  • https://evolvemedicalclinics.com/how-we-work-page/meet-our-health-care-providers/ Meet Our Health Care Providers – Evolve Medical Clinics - Dr. Michael Freedman is the founder of Evolve Medical Clinics. After 18 years in a traditional primary care office, he felt there had to be a better way.
  • https://evolvemedicalclinics.com/our-services/ Our Services – Evolve Medical Clinics - Evolve Medical Clinics is the highest Rated Primary Care in Annapolis, Maryland. Come visit Evolve Medical located just off Forest Drive to find out why.
  • https://evolvemedicalclinics.com/our-services/primary-care/ Primary Care – Evolve Medical Clinics - Evolve Medical Clinics is the highest rated Primary Care in Annapolis, Maryland. Our primary care providers are dedicated, compassionate and caring.
  • https://evolvemedicalclinics.com/our-services/immediate-care/ Urgent Care – Evolve Medical Clinics - Evolve Medical Clinics' urgent care was designed for busy people who don't have time to be sick--or to wait hours to be seen. We respect you and your time.
  • https://evolvemedicalclinics.com/online-visits/ Virtual Visits – Evolve Medical Clinics - Evolve Medical Clinics offers patients online virtual visits. Each virtual visits is conducted using HIPPA-compliant, secure video similar to Skype.
  • https://evolvemedicalclinics.com/pricing/ Pricing – Evolve Medical Clinics - Evolve Medical Clinics is Annapolis' highest rated urgent care and primary care provider One of the nations most respected Direct Primary Care practices.
  • https://evolvemedicalclinics.com/pricing/become-a-member/ Become a Primary Care Member – Evolve Medical Clinics - Evolve Medical Clinic's Primary Care providers focus on providing our Members the time necessary for superior care, earning the highest ratings in Annapolis
  • https://evolvemedicalclinics.com/pricing/member-pricing/ Member Pricing – Evolve Medical Clinics - At Evolve Medical Clinics, we believe primary care should be affordable and accessible, regardless of your insurance. We believe you deserve better care.
  • https://evolvemedicalclinics.com/pricing/non-members/ Urgent Care (Non-Members) – Evolve Medical Clinics - Evolve is Annapolis, Maryland's highest rated urgent care and primary care. Whether you visit us as a "member" or "non-member", you'll get the great care.
  • https://evolvemedicalclinics.com/news/ News – Evolve Medical Clinics - Evolve Medical Clinics, one of the first Direct Primary Care models on the East Coast, has been featured in a number of publications.
  • https://evolvemedicalclinics.com/employers/ Employers – Evolve Medical Clinics - Evolve Medical Clinics is a Direct Primary Care allowing employers to lower their annual healthcare spending while improving their health benefit offering.

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  • Jerry Wooddrow - Complete waste

    Total waste of money. Even though we purchased the 4X level (which is the highest), claims have been denied even though the coverage indicates the damage is covered. In fact I think the coating actually makes the possibilities of damage even greater.

  • Trevor - It's alright.

    The plastic used for the keg is type 3 and only holds 2.5 gallons which is kind of weak considering that you can get a type 5 five gallon bucket from lowe's or home depot for less than $4. The liquid extract that comes with it is neat though and is fun for a first time or warm up.

  • Reighnie - Great sound quality! You won't be disappointed

    I really love the sound on these! I own several Bluetooth ear buds and the sound on these out performs all of them. Granted, I don't have name brand, just average in the same price range, but, truly, I am impressed with the clarity and crispness of these. I use them daily for audio books and tried them one day with music and I was blown away with the sound quality. The only issue I have is the first week or two when I used them, the sound would move from one ear to the other. It was mostly with the audio books, I had little trouble with this happening with music. This seems to have leveled out and I don't really have that issue anymore.

  • Bruce's Reviews A-Z - Rear Main Sealer for Life

    Well, I was amazed! Yes indeed it works. You see it can't help but work. What is does is soften your rubber seals and expands them in order to get that factory fit. Since this is a solvent, (don't get this onto paint) it has to work. No questions asked. So, I got my flashlight out of my trunk and looked at the top of my Bell Housing, transmission connects to engine and sure enough absolutely NO leaks. That's right, no leaks whatsoever. So, if you are tired of a leaking vehicle this is the stuff to get. As far as I know it is the only stuff that works. So, why Amazon. Because if you ever need a charge back and who doesn't from time to time Amazon will always help you. Simply put you can't lose with Amazon.