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  • Keeks - This product works!!!!!!

    I began using this product March 6th and by March 13th and I lost 2 inches off my waist and 2.3 pounds. I have not modified my diet in any way and I stopped going to the gym this week to see what the pills could do on their own. I am doing these pills with two friends and we all experienced the same results. The only side effect I experienced was a slight headache the second day. Other than that I have had no negative consequences. I love the results and I am pleased my the service from the seller.

  • D. Nakaya - you can easily order parts and replace without having to buy a ...

    The car is fast and has plenty of power to drive on grass, gravel, dirt. All the parts are replaceable, so if you break something, you can easily order parts and replace without having to buy a whole new car. The receiver box melted down, not sure why, but Keliwow is sending me a new one free of charge. Keliwow has been very responsive and easy to work with--great customer service. Hopefully with the new parts I'll be back in business.

  • AUBrown07 - Not the best bang for your buck

    Interesting shoe......I don't think it's as gr8 as everyone made it out to be. I've run in them.pretty much every day since the day I bought em which was a couple of weeks ago. The rubber on the bottom is thinning already. Expensive shoes, not all the way worth it. I've gotten way more from cheaper shoes. Impulse buy.

  • Damita Cirillo - Perfect!

    This works great for my son. Has everything in it that he needs, does not need to take a lot of different products.

  • ViraGirl - Best shooter I've played in my 14+ years of gaming

    Just finished up the campaign a few minutes ago. Best shooter I've played in my 14+ years of gaming. Almost tied with Uncharted 4 (campaign immersion-wise), but slightly better graphics than Uncharted 4!