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  • matt bauerlein - More than disappointed - I'm angry!

    As many other have stated, the deck looked great when complete. After a few weeks bubbling and peeling occurred. I prepped and applied as per the directions. Now, after winter in upstate New York, the deck looks awful! About 1/3 has peeled. I have a huge 3 tier deck and used almost 40 gallons of this crap. Now I'm out over $800 and don't know what to do to fix the issue! I wish I knew how to start a class action law suit! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

  • AK907 - Awesome protein

    After realizing the muscle milk powder I was buying from GNC was loaded with chemicals and heavy metals like mercury and lead, not to mention all the artificial sugars and flavors, I decided to research a healthier option for a complete protein.

  • Carol W. - I just love this game

    I just love this game. I played it as a child, with my children and with my grand children. To pass along the joy, I purchased this for the toys for tots campaign. I hope it made some child's day and beyond a happy one.

  • Michele - The best exfoliator

    I first used a gentle cleanser then dried my face. I used a quarter sized amount on each section of my face rubbing in circular motions. You really do not need alot of this product to work. Within a few seconds, I could tell that the exfoliating was working. I continued to work on the rest of my face, neck and decolletage.

  • Cherm96 - Did Quality Go Down WIth KIS 2015?

    Have used different Internet Security software from different companies over the years. But in the last few years, have setteled with Kaspersky. I have been very happy with Kaspersky Internet Security 2012-2014. However I am not that excited with KIS 2015. Right out of the box I had issues installing the software from the product CD. Once it was installed, I notice that the interface was different that with the earlier versions. I started having issues with KIS 2015 conflicting with Adobe Reader X on all three of my PCs (Win XP, Vista, and Win 7). In searching online, this is a known bug with KIS 2015, however in contacting Kaspersky Tech Support, I was required to provide a "ton" of what I consider personal information about the PCs prior to Kaspersky providing any support. In addition, I am constantly getting a warning message that my Wi-Fi network is not secure from KIS 2015, even though I perfomed all of the recommendations that Kaspersky offered to make the Wi-Fi network secure. Found out from Kaspersky Forums that this is another known bug with KIS 2015. Have not been that impressed with the 2015 version of Internet Security or Kaskersky's support of the known bugs. Liked the 2014 version a lot better.

  • Shoppah617 - What was I thinking!!!!! Messy

    I must have had a stroke or been drunk or something because normally I'm not a vanity case, but I saw this on youtube and thought it might help hide my thinning crown. Instead, it was a BIG HOT MESS! This stuff got all over the place (floating aloft)and did not stick to the scalp well. Also, It would be a chore to use this on a daily basis. There is no way to cover up a bald spot unless it is done surgically. I was not satisfied with this product at all, I will own my thinning crown from now on.

  • K. Boswell - Unbeatable value, if you get it on sale

    I purchased this set roughly four years ago, possibly longer, and it still looks relatively new. I think they'll last as long as I want them around. They're feather light and the nonstick still performs flawlessly. The thermospot seems a gimmick, I don't need a spot to tell me when the pan is hot, but it does work, which is admittedly cool. The light weight of these pans make cleanup a snap, and heat spreads quickly and evenly.