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  • Amazon Customer - This is a great phone for the money

    This is a great phone for the money, it didn't come with a screen protector and a case because i purchased the used one.

  • ArizonaJon - A great upgrade for me.

    I only use AutoCAD for my personal designing of our homes. The last one I did was using AutoCAD LT 97 (yes from 1997). While this old version did most of what I needed, it would not allow me to download blocks of fixtures, etc. from the web and place them in my drawings. I was pleased to find 2014 opened my drawings from 97 with no problems. The new features in 2014 really simplify a number of tasks and allow me to open various files from the web. I was also able to open the lot drawings provided by the county to verify the area, etc.

  • Renee Callahan - Curbing hunger

    Received this a few days ago and it does take the edge off hunger. Taste is good. Will continue to use I hopes of getting rid of these 10 pounds.

  • nycstripes - great video

    D'Souza hit the nail on the head with his documentary on Barak Obama. He's done what the mainstream media refused to address which is getting into the story behind the President that needed to be vetted while he was still a candidate. Mr. D'Souza has exposed Obama for what he really is and this is well worth the time to watch.

  • Dannss - Very pleased after just 4 days!

    I applied to my rear deck per the instructions. Since many reviews indicated that it took months to remove the mildew, I decided to take before and after pictures, but forgot to take the before pix. I took the 'before' pictures the next day. I thought it looked better, but I figured it was wishful thinking. Well it's been 4 days and the mildew is mostly gone. So it has exceeded my expectations. I do not know why mine is going quickly and others takes months. Now I'm hoping it will last for quite a while.

  • Comp Expert - Superb DC-backlit (no flicker) IPS monitor at a low price

    I needed a work monitor and wanted IPS, even though I don't do photo work, but these days there is NO reason to have a TN panel. I was shocked at how low the price of this Acer is but having owned another Acer monitor, I felt confident it would be good quality. And yes, the text is crisp and color perfect. Since it is IPS, no problems with off-angle viewing. Also note this panel is DC backlighting and NOT PWM! This means, in layman's terms, that your screen won't flicker and cause headaches for those with light sensitivity. Acer needs to step up its marketing of being a flicker free budget monitor. But anyway, I am satisfied. It is worth every penny.

  • FB Sandi - Interesting Reading

    I purchased this book primarily because it was edited by Dave Eggers, a favorite author, and I wasn't disappointed. Fascinating mish-mash of different subjects very well written.