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  • Amazon Customer - Best "iPod" We Found for 3yo Daughter

    LeapPad has been great for our 3 year old daughter. We tried the Fisher Price iXL but it died after having for 2 weeks. We tried an iPod but she kept finding some funky sites in YouTube if we left her alone to play on it too long. Daughter has learned to write letters through the included Pet app.

  • kgrayce - Best snot sucker out there.

    THE BEST baby item I have bought. I use it on my 4 year old twins as well as their 4 month old baby sister basically since birth. It is amazing how much it can get out of their noses. My kids ask for it, and my daughter doesn't cry or mind it at all. You do need to aim the aspirator towards the sides of the nose, and make sure you put in saline drops if the snot and boogers arent'......ahem, juicy enough. It saved us from many ear infections, and many sleepless nights, and will continue to do so. This is my go to gift for baby showers! I used the nose freida and another one, but I ended up getting strep throat and uvulitis after doing it that way.

  • Santa - Smells amazing!!!

    I'm just 15 weeks pregnant and I bought this product about week ago. And it smells amazing!!!! Girls if you don't like sweet scents, just don't buy it! But don't tell to everybody that it smells horrible! And I like the texture of it, so so good, not greasy at all. So I hope this product will work for me.

  • Okiri - No lasting effect on the skin

    For that unbalanced diet of my 17 y\o son I thought it would be smart to add these. When he first started with them it had a positive effect on his skin. But from the 4th pack and on this effectiveness has vanished. His skin is back to that bad state it was before.