Fitness Bootcamp Dublin - Training, Excercise, Outdoor, Workout, Ireland - - Fitness bootcamp is a Dublin based alternative way of keeping fit and losing weight to that of your regular gym. We are a team of highly motivating fitness instructors and personal trainers from a diversity of backgrounds. All our instructors have their own unique style of training, so classes dont get boring and it keeps things very fresh. All Bootcamps take place outdoors, all year round, and each session will incorporate cardio training, strength training and flexibility through a wide range of activities including running, martial arts, sports training, endurance, aerobics, interactive games, circuits and even some military training. Our Bootcamp is created to cater for all levels of fitness, but you can be assured that our instructors will get 100% effort from YOU!!

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  • Michael L. Preiss - Don't waste your money.

    People I've called have told me my voice sounded "stilted" or like I was talking inside a tin can. When I bought this a few months ago, it had received mostly solid reviews and, at its price point, if it didn't work well I wouldn't feel like it was a huge waste of money. Well, it didn't work well and it was a waste of money. In this case, I got what I paid for.

  • John Harris - Very difficult to balance and reconcile

    I moved from Microsoft Money after they stopped supporting it, and I do NOT recommend Quicken 2010. When you download transaction from the bank, many are duplicates, but it's extremely difficult to identify which transactions are duplicates, because you only have the choice to hide all reconciled AND all downloaded transactions. So you have to weed through a year or more worth of transactions. And filtering the list actually changes the ending balance. So if you show only cleared transactions or only the last 3 months, it shows a different balance than if you show all transactions from the beginning of time.

  • J. Hoffmann - Keeps them entertained

    I bought this as a way to expand my kids' beginning LEGO collection and to give them something to look forward to each day leading to Christmas. While it's not ideal that they show you all of the pieces you will be getting, the kids still love it and look forward to guessing when they will get to each set/character. My only complaint is around the price, but at this point, that just comes with buying LEGO sets rather than competing brands.

  • Jeff Swartzentruber - 2014 Master Tax Guide

    This is one if the most helpful yearlong resources as I consult with clients. Quick. Concise. Helps me to know when I need to go deeper.

  • Jessica Noyer - Love these vitamins they taste amazing

    Today I am going to be reviewing these gummy vitamins. First of all these vitamins taste amazing, the strawberry ones have a nice sweet taste to them and the the citrus ones have a little sour taste them but not a strong sour taste. I have taken them for a few weeks now and haven't noticed too much of a hair growth but I have noticed getting little hairs on my face that grow in faster than normal. Which isn't a huge deal I just find my self having to pluck them more often. Otherwise I really enjoy these vitamins since they taste amazing and easy to take i don't have a hard time remembering to take them daily. I would recommend these vitamins. Disclaimer, I received this product for free or at a discounted price for my honest and unbiased opinions

  • Michael A. Mcmahon - A great find and product

    I did a counter 2 weeks ago and I am very happy with this product so far, I did 1 counter and backsplash 2' x 8", another counter 2" x 6", a small counter 2 x 2 and a table top 2x 2, I just had enough left for small touch ups, I can see if you had 50 sq " of counter top it might not be enough thats maybe where you could go wrong by trying to stretch it, it came out beautiful, its very shiny as its cures but it diminishes just a bit, but I liked the shine so I rubbed in some lemon oil, looks fantastic, there is no way that it looks painted , I strecthed the process over 3 days but it could have been done in 2 days working just a few hours each day, I used a lot of tarps and masking tape and I have a dry vac, a must to clean up

  • cecilia - 5" but more like. 25" a month

    These vitamins do work! I've been taking them for about 5 months and have steady growth. I am an extremely slow grower....not the average of .5" but more like .25" a month. Since taking these I've have been getting a 1/2" a month, non stop. But I saw some youtube videos on this new vitamin called Manetabolism and was up in the air about trying them, but so many people have sworn by them. So I ordered them from a seller on ebay. I've been taking them for over 2 weeks and cannot continue any longer with usage. I've noticed when I take them 2 a day I get headaches. So I decided to space them out, one in the am and the second one at night. Still to my dismay I am getting the headaches. I usually never get headaches so I know it's these vitamins. About a day ago I decided not to take the Manetabolism and took the Applied Nutrition Longer, Stronger hair and nails vitamins without getting a headache. This morning I tried the Manetabolism again just to see. And low and behold I have a headache again. I will have to stick with the Applied Nutrition brand because I never had any side affects with them. I also became sick taking the Hairfinity capsules.