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  • thomas Belll - Review nfhs basketball rule

    Great book . Easy to look up rules. Makes taking the test much easier. I would recommend that every official gets it. What about the official's manual

  • Douglas Pope - I have seen the face of God.

    I didn't feel the need to plan my weekend around 5 small gummybears. But if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

  • Messy MakeUp Drawer - Will use again!

    My husband and I used these to hang a few very large dry erase boards (diy'ed out of smooth surface pressboard) in our home office. These strips were easier than ABC to use. I used three on each board, and the boards are secured to the wall and the hold seems sturdy. Just make sure to clean everything off with isopropyl first.I will definitely consider using these again in the future. For your reference, this is a two-part system that is vaguely similar to velcro.

  • G. Reon - Great backup power!

    Power for all but the most power hungry gaming systems. Runs a pc, modem, router and monitor (right at 900W) for an hour with no issues. Haven't tested it to see how long it will power all these devices. I like it so much I bought another to power two servers. No issues through three power outages in the six weeks I've had it hooked up.