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  • SSawyer - Addictive!

    Just when I think I've read my favorite Mark Edwards book...he does it again. I'm hooked! If Mr Edwards writes it it is a MUST read! Fabulous story teller. It's hard not to get lost in it.

  • Z. Pierre - Don't waste your money

    The question selection is terrible and the answers are even worse. "what does a police detective carry in his pocket?" why are there 7 answers to that question? You poop out after the first 3... It takes too long to type in answers to the questions. This game is just poorly done, and I am saying this as someone who absolutely loves the tv show. Save your money.

  • Furman O. Ashley - Same as Wheel Color

    My title comes from the fact that this had the same results as the black wheel paint. It is hard to use over large areas. I choose this to black out my chrome(ish) front and rear bumpers. It does the job of protecting against chips. The problem comes from the can nozzle. First it is much harder to use than the newer blue tip adjustable nozzles so if you're going to do any large surface, you'll be better served getting one of the snap on trigger adapters to use with this can. The other bad part that may not be such a big deal on a wheel is that the nozzle also only provides a small fan of spray so on an flat surface, your options are to have uneven spray of the paint so that it dries like you layered it in markers or you try to prevent that with overlap and end up with runs in the paint. After my first attempt on the bumpers, I went to a adjustable tip standard black enamel and clear coat from Dupli-Color and obtained a nice smooth brilliant black and with clear coat ended up with a factory look. I do not recommend this product.

  • Brian F. Haddock - Money making machine for FTM

    Family Tree Maker 2012 is better than prior versions but still not great. The interface is much cleaner than prior versions and the upgrade process (I had a data file from an older version of FTM) worked flawlessly.

  • C. Barker - Didn't fit my stove, even though it said it would work for a Kenmore,

    The small burner pans fit my stove just right...but the large ones don't. What's up with that? Shouldn't a set work on all four burners? Anyway, the black is nice...and, apparently, they no longer make the pans to fit my I kept them.

  • barbyd32 - An enjoyable read but didn't work for me!

    I read this book with enthusiasm as I was looking for something to help me with EHS. It was very well written and made a lot of sense and I was very hopeful it would work for me! After finishing the book, I ordered a set of mats and the bands. I checked my outlet with the tester they provided to make sure it was grounded. It was! I proceeded to attach the grounding cord to the band and then to my wrist and proceeded to put the other end in the grounding hole. It wasn't long before I was experiencing some of the symptoms I do with electromagnetics...... headaches, shortness of breath, generalized aches and pain. I waited a couple of days and tried it again. Sad to say, it did the same thing. I do believe the stories of others who received help from the Earthing. It just didn't work for me! I will continue my search for something else that will help me and I am happy many found help with grounding!