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PIMOBENDAN - Tianjin Pharmaceutical Innovation Co.Ltd - Tianjin pharmaceutical Innovation Co.Ltd is a pharmaceutical company which involves scientific research, production and sales . The company is committed to the world's pharmaceutical companies to provide high quality medical services.

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  • Joanne - I love this program

    Oh my goodness, I love this program. For years I had been using American Greetings CreataCard, but it wouldn't work with my new computer. I entered my data in the address book, and I love the automatic reminders of family and friends birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I am again able to create personal greeting cards with their pictures on them. Very user friendly. I highly recommend this program.

  • stephanie - Best Money I EVER Spent~!!!!

    Best thing ever made.. seriously. My stool's came straight out, no 40min wait, the A-Hole didn't get cut up like usual, there was no blood. It didn't hit my roids. Graphic? Yes. All this to say... Thank You. From the bottom of my heart :) !! In the future I'll be getting one for every bathroom in the house. I'd recommend this to anyone and everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rhoades92 - Great for the price.

    If you are looking for moderate priced, decent quality feezy's....here you go. They aren't high quality, but they get the job done and look good. They smelled a little....weird....when I first got them. Kindof like strong plastic. But the fit is good and they go great with leggings or joggers, so totally worth the price!

  • TFanci2010 - Big Sexy Spray, just got better!

    I have used Big Sexy Spray for years and love it! With Big Sexy Spray I only have to spray it across one time and my hair stays in place for hours. Imagine how thrilled I was, when I found it available in such a small size, because as many of you know, the airlines only allow two ounces or less of liquids when traveling. Now, when traveling I can take along my favorite hair spray "Big Sexy Spray" in this cute 1.5 oz. spray can. Plus, it's a great size to keep in my purse.

  • Jana L. Perry - Package was shipped very quickly and was super simple to install

    Package was shipped very quickly and was super simple to install. The bars make a bit of wind noise when I'm driving at higher speeds but otherwise are great! A really good buy for the money. We'll be using them to attach our kayak racks and They'll be perfect.

  • laltomar - No apple pencil holder but correct part number

    I was sent product MM627 however it has no Apple Pencil holder. It appears to be the correct part number to the case that supports the Apple pencil holder. I don't know if this was just mis-marked or the product description is just wrong. Either way, back it goes.

  • Blimey Limey - a new addition to stress management. POO-POURRI

    I loved this product from the start, taking the small container in my purse when I went to work, lecture and other events. Now it has become even more important and I'd like to know how to contact the makers and give my report. My husband, after surgery for rectal cancer, has an ostomy bag. this has been since 1998. recently he has declined enough to have at home Hospice (an whole new article on those earth angels). I can't help with the bag because of arthritis but recently I brought the poo-pourri to his hospital bed and on using it, there is ABSOLUTELY NO ODOUR WHATSOVER WHEN THE BAG IS OPENED OR CHANGED!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so amazed and gratified as he is situated in the bed in the middle of the living room so any smell permeates the whole house. NADA. being a man of extreme dignity, all that has to be done to him is a challenge. this little bottle of magic is wonderful.