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  • Courtney - I love these. They are great.

    I love these. They are great. I received this product free of charge. My dog loves to have the window open when I drive. I have always been scared about having the window open with her hanging out. The other day she saw a squirrel and she jumped out of the window while I was driving. She is fine. I was going really slow. But now I lick her into the seat belt buckle and there is no way she can jump out of the window. Life saver!!!!

  • William - Pretty good cross trainer or casual shoe

    5 star for looks and 3 for performance so I'll give them a 4. Shoes look great and they are good for cross training but I would not recommend for running. If you are the novice runner then they will probably do the trick but you won't normally see most serious runners wearing Nike's. I don't consider myself a runner by any means but during the couple miles I do run after a workout these were giving me shin splints. They've become my casual shoe and look great in jeans.

  • E. D. Morris - Flawless and Fabulous !!!!

    I purchased my paste from ulta. I use deep #3. I actually love this concealer. I also bought the Boi-ing industrial concealer. I was looking for something that I would not sweat off. Unfortunately my face sweats a lot! ....A LOT. And I end up patting all of my make-up away half way through the day. Ok the industrial concealer is so awesome !!!! It does not come off no matter how much I sweat or pat my face's there until I wash my face...and then I have to wash twice and use a make up remover pad to get it off lol. Even when I first splash my face with water to wash my make up still looks fab - Im serious :) So this is how I use the paste...I put on my pore fessional primer, then my industrial concealer and a little cream foundation(stila), I use mac powder(i just haven't gotten around to purchasing the benefits setting powder yet..I think Im going to try it) and then I use the erase paste. I use my fingers or a flat concealer brush some days and then my fingers to warm it and blend it with a patting or pressing motion under my eyes to brighten the appearance (and down the bridge of my nose before I contour)and then a little light dusting of powder and my harsh dark circles never show again until I wash it off. It makes my make-up look so beautiful. When I used mac concealer I was very insecure throught out the day ,always checking my make-up to see if it was uneven and disappearing. Thats the worst :( I feel like NOW, after years of trying new brands and techniques I have FINALLY GOTTEN IT RIGHT. #NOWORRIES :) I suggest that anyone that purchased it and doesn't like it just keep playing with different ways to apply it -try putting it on top of powder or let it absorb before going to your next step. Just play around with it a little. Since you have already purchased it ,why not. Thats really the only way to find out what will work for you as an individual. Good luck ladies!