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  • alexei - The WikiLeaks emails prove collusion between the US government and the US media

    The premise of the book is ridiculous because the WikiLeaks revelations have nothing to do with Russia.

  • anonymous - Not for me!

    I bought this product because I wanted a steamer to clean with and kept hearing that Haan was the best one to get. I did my homework and read lots of very good reviews for this brand. Well, it worked for half a minute and then stopped. I kept thinking it was me and that I just wasn't seeing the clean but when I took the 'hand held' part out of the unit, there was absolutely no steam coming out despite the water being full and the pad, upon inspection looked new. I waited overnight to try it again and this time I didn't even get my half a minute. I phoned Haan and the agent that I got told me the water has to be COLD. I explained that I had filled the unit with water from the cold part of the tap and he said, no, it has to be cold. I asked him, what he meant by that, from the refrigerator? And his reply was yes, that the sensor cuts off thinking there is no water left if the water isn't ice cold. I am thinking that this is ridiculous of course, as I do not want to be a slave to an appliance changing the water every 5 min when the temperature goes down, I have enough to do but I tried again, this time with the filtered water I had in the refrigerator and still nothing. I finally, in frustration, returned the steamer. I want one that will work really well, I want to see the steam coming out and know that I am cleaning my house. What I don't want is a finicky product that is far from easy to use! I realize that I might've gotten a dud but I wasn't going to phone customer service yet again and be told about the 'cold water', I've wasted enough time on this. I'm sure there is a better one out there that is not so particular about it's water temperature and I will find it and be happy once I do.

  • Dave Kos - Does'nt work as advertised

    Product arrived on time and was used within several days of receipt. I mixed the solution according to directions and applied it to the outside white trim of my house. As of now, I have seen no noticeable results and that is after rain and wind on several different days. I'm glad I only bought 1/2 gallon as it is not worth the money!

  • Wongrclv - Great Bat, my daughter loves this bat

    Great Bat, my daughter loves this bat. This is the 3rd one she has used. (Different sizes) Would buy again

  • Symone Hohensee - To anyone who thinks these reviews might be fake

    My friend and I bought this bag and received it today. I ate about 20 and sure enough within 30 minutes I was feeling the effects. These reviews are not a joke. Seriously.

  • Bree P. - It came as expected and it is a great phone. It came unlocked as well so that ...

    It came as expected and it is a great phone. It came unlocked as well so that I may use it with my family mobile service.