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  • Patients - Get Ahead - When someone suspects they have a head or neck condition or symptoms they are worried about, ignoring the potential problem is the worst thing they can do, especially in the early stages of cancer.
  • Fundraising for Get A-Head - Get Ahead - There are many ways to get involved, we hold many events during the year and will always be here to help you with any advice and tips on organising your own fundraising event.
  • Corporate Sponsors - Get Ahead - Get A-Head have secured a number of corporate relationships over the years, and are keen to gain new interest and support.
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  • Skydive for Get A-Head - Get Ahead - If running or cycling is not your thing, then why not astound your friends and family with an extreme feat of bravery in 2016 instead and take on a Skydive.
  • Patient Stories - Get Ahead - Are you affected by Head & Neck Disease and would like to hear stories from patients talking about their journey through diagnosis, treatment & beyond.
  • Newsletters - Get Ahead - Please have a browse through our recent newsletters. You can click on the image and view them online or download them onto your computer to read or print out.
  • Patient Group - Get Ahead - The Get A-Head Patient Group has had a new lease of life in the past few months, we now have 7 committed members of the group who meet Bi-monthly.
  • Why choose Get A-Head? - Get Ahead - Over the last few years, Get A-Head has funded a range of projects and equipment that have made a real difference to those fighting head and neck disease
  • Corporate Sponsorship News - Get Ahead - Get A-Head is an independent cancer charity supporting those with head and neck diseases and cancers.
  • Mutual Benefits - Get Ahead - We would love to work with your company in raising awareness of Get A-Head and building a healthy working relationship with you and your colleagues
  • Little Ukulele Has Big Ideas - Get Ahead - A Ukulele club in Solihull is organising a “Charity Ukulele Extravaganza” to raise much needed funds for Get A-Head on Sunday 18th September
  • Volunteer Opportunity - Get Ahead - We have the fantastic volunteer opportunity to work at the Reiss Sample Sale at The Custard Factory on 29 Sep - 2 Oct to raise the profile of Get A-Head
  • Climbing Mount Snowdon for Get A-Head - Get Ahead - On Monday 19th Sept a team from InHANSE, including Baksho Kaul, put on their walking boots and trekked to the top of Mount Snowdon
  • Skydivers take the leap for Get A-Head - Get Ahead - On Saturday 26th June, a total of 14 skydivers plummeted 13,000ft to raise funds for Get A-Head, and have to date raised nearly £10,000 between them.

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  • Terrymuse - Rick and his co-horts compile a wonderful list of activities

    As usual, Rick and his co-horts compile a wonderful list of activities, recommendations and hints/shortcuts to make our planned trip to France easy.

  • Nightwitch - Oh my God!

    This story was amazing! As someone who experienced infidelity, I can relate to the hurt, anger, and grief Evelyn went through. I laughed and cried as I read. It's been a long time, and I'm a whole new person, but reading this reminded me of what it had been at the time. Again, an amazing read!

  • Elizabeth Bennett - Not a textbook these were pages for a binder

    This was for a college course needed for graduation. Text was comprehensive and pictures and illustrations aided in the story of the evolution of hominins. This was a shrink wrapped stack of pages that I put into a three ring binder. The pages opened flat without a binding so I believe it was easier to use when referencing as I answered online questions and assessments.

  • Joanna Hay Productions - Earthing, a Universal Truth

    If the book, Earthing, by Clinton Ober, does no more than make readers aware of how they can slow down their aging process and gain more energy to live a healthier life, then it has more than accomplished its goal. As an author, exercise 'expert' and searcher for better health for over forty years, I was quite pleased--possibly awed by the time and effort that resulted in this remarkable book. Earthing was not only a guide to my consciously doing more of what this book recommends, but it afforded me answers in simple language to complicated science that I could understand and remember.

  • London Scott Vickers - Love them. Not many other rav4s have them equipped

    Love them. Not many other rav4s have them equipped, or at least ones that I have seen. If you look at the car from the rear it looks much different and gives it a very sporty look. Also it does keep excess dirt from getting on to the side skirts which is it's intended purpose. Makes my LE look not so basic. Also they are quick and easy to install. It only took a friend and I around 15 minutes to do it.

  • cyndisand - GREAT FOR THE PRICE

    I love this, It was just was I was looking for. Great quality for the price. Would defiantly recommend this to anyone.