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  • A. I. Smith - Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanse

    this is a 21 day purification and cleanse program. Afterwards your liver and gall bladder should be cleared of toxins. Sometimes you have to use these products twice to be completely cleansed. I don't like some of the proteins and shake mixes. That is the short one star. Standard Process products can be taken with confidence.

  • Ryan Searfoss - Not recommended

    Do not order this unless you are absolutely serious about it. They're online "special" is $10 for the basic introduction, they will then turn around and charge you $64 for four months for the Gold edition trial one, and then later charge you again gold edition trial two. The "hidden" fees are a scam and even though I want to learn Spanish, I would not recommend this group unless you have $500 dollars to spend. They do not refund if you are dissatisfied and they do not give you any help when trying to resolve the situation. It is, with respect, a bunch of horse crap.

  • Amazon Customer - Reel Deal card games 2011

    I got a new computer and could not use my old card games so I purchased this one and it works great. Love playing cards to pass the time and keep my mind sharp.

  • Christine Lane - On the fence

    Well, it isn't your typical microfiber towel, that's for sure. It is a plush microfiber. It is also said to be "lightweight" however, I feel that it is heavier than my other sports microfiber towels that are even bigger in size. It actually feels like it retains the heat instead of cooling you. There is no chance that I could drape this around my neck after a workout.. even if it was wet for cooling purposes. It is much too plush to be considered a cooling towel. It does, in fact, dry quickly, however, it doesn't do well with cooling.

  • Faizah - Where is the Haribo rehab facility!?

    I am very aware that I have an addictive personality. Especially when it comes to sweets! I remember my Twizzler, Pop Tarts, Peeps and Jelly Fish addictions. Currently, it's Haribo Fruit Salad that I just cannot get enough of. I go through a bag a day, no exaggeration! I should say I limit myself to a bag a day.

  • dat603 - Helpful book during our trip to Germany

    This book was very helpful to us on our recent cycling trip in Germany. We received several hotel discounts when we showed them the book. The walking tour of Munich and historical places to visit proved helpful as well. We used the book to find wonderful dining establishments. The only drawback is we like to travel light and the book did add a bit of weight/volume but well worth it.

  • Amazon Customer - She loves it

    It really does a good job entertaining and teaching her. The camera isn't the greatest, but for us that wasn't the primary purpose for this, for us it was to watch movies and play games. I like it will grow with her too.