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  • Jacob - Good movie go and see it

    I liked how it took place after the events of the first and how the human race rebuilt after the war of 1996 and the Alien queen first appearance she looked awesome and how we see more of the Aliens. The mother ship in this was huge distroying everything with its own graveity feild other then that my opinion great action sequence, funny sense. For all the people that are bitching and complaining about will smith not returning was because he was filming Sucide squad he wanted to come back i wanted him to come back to but he made the decision just give it a chance people. The worst that has been made was the fantastic 4 remake that sucked but give independence day 2 a second chance its a good movie.

  • susan - Saved a ton of money over having dealer install.

    Installation was accomplished by my husband in under 15 minutes. Have not yet used them as I am still needing to get my kayak carrying adapter, but love the way they look!