The Ultimate Organic Fertilizer - Cheap and universal organic fertilizer that really works for farming, gardening, lawn care and landscaping.

  • AGGRAND Dealership Opportunity | The Ultimate Organic Fertilizer - The AGGRAND work at home opportunity has the potential to earn tens of thousands of dollars selling top-notch natural fertilizer to farmers
  • AGGRAND Company Info | The Ultimate Organic Fertilizer - Anytime you consider purchasing a product, it pays to know a bit about the company that manufacturers that product. Are they trustworthy and reliable? Do they consistently produce a quality product? How long have they been in business? How and why did the business start? Are they going to be in business 10 years from now? Do they have the facilities to produce more product if demand increases? These are all questions you should be asking. Here you'll find information related to the AGGRAND company themselves. Read articles about the AGGRAND blending and bottling facility, business headquarters, company contacts, history of the company, etc.
  • AGGRAND Product Info | The Ultimate Organic Fertilizer - Here you'll find information related to our individual liquid natural fertilizer products, including our liquid lime, liquid bonemeal, kelp and sulfate of potash and, of course, our organic fertilizers themselves. Ingredients, NPK analysis, MSDS, data sheets, applications, etc.
  • Organic Fertilizer | The Ultimate Organic Fertilizer - Organic fertilizers offer an alternative to the toxic chemical fertilizers that are so prevalent in the farming, gardening and lawncare industries. Protect the environment and the health of those you love by dumping the chemicals and going organic.
  • Organic Growing | The Ultimate Organic Fertilizer - It may not always be easier, but, in the long run, thoughtful, organic growing methods always produce better results over time. By returning nutrients to the soil and cultivating your plants in a sustainable way, annual yields will increase, produce quality and plant health improve and fertilizer inputs can be reduced. Growing plants naturally, always pays off in the end.
  • Healthy Living | The Ultimate Organic Fertilizer - If you're interested in organic growing and fertilization, chances are you may also be interested in natural, healthy living options. From fitness to natural, whole foods to discussions of particular diets, cooking methods or more natural ways of cleaning your home, you'll find articles here that you should find particularly interesting.
  • Politics Of Farming & Gardening | The Ultimate Organic Fertilizer - As hard as it may be to fathom (it is for me at least), farming and gardening have actually become significant political issues. From government regulation to taxes to subsidies, politicians and bureaucrats seem to have their fingers into just about every aspect of how, when and where we can grow our food, who we can sell it to, who we can buy it from and whether we can buy or sell it at all. Keep tabs on what the government is doing with regard to organic farming and gardening here.
  • AGGRAND Organic Fertilizer - 12 Critical Reasons You Should Use It! - Organic fertilizers offer many benefits. Read this to learn what makes AGGRAND even better & more economical than any other fertilizer.
  • AGGRAND Organic Farm Fertilizer Reviews, Results & Testimonials - These testimonials are proof that AGGRAND is a tremendous fertilizer that offers proven effectiveness on just about anything that grows.
  • Detailed AGGRAND Liquid Natural Organic Fertilizer Product Information - AGGRAND Organic Fertilizer is a multi-purpose liquid product ideal for all-around use on flowers, vegetables, fruits, lawns, shrubs, trees & field crops. AGGRAND is perfect for houseplants as well. This cost effective organic fertilizer provides a uniquely bio-available source of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N-P-K) in a 4-3-3 ratio coupled with powerful micro-nutrient, plant hormone and soil microbe support. The combination of these essential components promotes vigorous growth, increased root development and improved ...
  • AGGRAND Liquid Lime: The Easy Way to Address Acidic Soil pH - AGGRAND Liquid Lime is an effective alternative to bagged lime - finely ground for fast soil penetration & easy absorbtion by leaves and roots. AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime can be used with AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer to supply additional calcium to crops such as tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage and lettuce that need copious amounts of this vital nutrient. AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime is the ideal product for those seeking a natural soil amendment that demonstrates superior results. Please click the "AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime" heading above for more product details.
  • AGGRAND Kelp & Sulfate of Potash Offers Incredible Stress Resistance - AGGRAND Liquid Kelp & Sulfate of Potash offers 8% readily available potash, 2% sulfur & kelp with high levels of amino acids, micronutrients & potassium. When used as fertilizer, kelp makes plants more robust and healthy by enhancing their heat, drought and cold tolerance. In addition, kelp increases the plant growth rate and fruit production, size, and quality. AGGRAND Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash is the key to encouraging plant health, quality, increased marketability, high yields and increased stress tolerance. Learn more about this product by clicking the "AGGRAND Liquid Kelp & Sulfate of Potash" heading above.
  • Why Use a Liquid Organic Fertilizer? | The Ultimate Organic Fertilizer - Liquid organic fertilizers can be blended & applied multiple ways. Poor soil conditions become less critical to plant performance. Results are immediate. Often times it is believed that liquid fertilizers will wash out of the soil much more quickly than a granular fertilizer will. This is simply not true … or at least, it’s only half true. SOME liquid fertilizers will wash out of the soil quickly, but not because they are liquid. Fertilizer washout is not really a question of liquid vs granular, but rather a question of natural vs. chemical. You see, AGGRAND liquid organic fertilizer offers both water soluble and water INsoluble nitrogen. The portion that is water soluble will be immediately utilized by the plant (especially if applied foliarly), while the insoluble portion will remain in the soil until the plant is ready to make use of it. The nutrition provided by AGGRAND natural fertilizer stays in the soil until ...
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  • Joe Mac - Solid and dependable with lots of outlets

    Exactly what I needed. It allows me to plug in everything, multiple hard drives, etc. into one unit and it does the job.

  • It's Erika, Yo! - Two thumbs up

    This works great. If you have thin or thinning hair - this is the product for you. I use this in addition to the cleanser, conditioner, and scalp treatment. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  • Shannon - Not that wonderful for me..

    This product did not end up being as effective at relieving arthritis pain as its sales pitch claims. I've taken Arthri-D3 as directed on the bottle for three months straight. I'm a 55-year-old female with mild to medium arthritis pain (mostly in my hands) and I'd say the pain has diminished by maybe 50% max since I've started Arthri-D3.

  • jeremy nosack - worst thing I ever bought online they screwed me over ...

    worst thing I ever bought online they screwed me over key was cracked and broke and they would not take it back

  • Judith White - Best Product to use

    Have use it for a number of years - best product to use espesially for ants - Living in Florida we get little sugar ants - they can invade everything - Bengal works best for us.

  • Music Lover - Responding to The Regime

    An intriguing book, detailing a radical response to the current regime's attack on the Christian religion in America. Worthwhile reading if only to see how many Christians despise the current regime.

  • Paden R. - Looks amazing and sounds better than any exaust I've ever heard ...

    Looks amazing and sounds better than any exaust I've ever heard on a grom. This is quality craftsmanship. When I got it out of the package it looked like they just got done welding this by hand. Beautiful and went on in minutes.