GYN 101 - Knols authored by members of the gynecology team include a complete review of gynecology topics, including for example abdominal and pelvic anatomy, domestic violence, gyn urology, contraception, and benign disorders

  • Cervical Dysplasia/Cancer – GYN 101 - A medical student learning outcomes include: Pathogenesis of cervical cancer Risk factors for cervical dysplasia and cancer Screening guidelines Management of an abnormal Pap smear Symptoms and findings of a patient with cervical cancer
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases – GYN 101 - Medical Student Learning Outcomes: Guidelines for STI screening and partner notification and treatment STI prevention strategies including immunization Symptoms and physical exam findings associated with STI Evaluation and management of common STIs including referral
  • Vulvar Disorders – GYN 101 - Student Learning Outcomes 1. Description of the various dermatologic disorders of the vulva 2. Evaluation and management of a patient with vulvar symptoms
  • Vulvar Intraepithelial Neoplasia (VIN) and Vulvar Cancer – GYN 101 - Student Learning Outcomes Identify the risk factors for vulvar cancer Indications for a vulvar biopsy
  • Hysteroscopy – GYN 101 - Medical Student Learning Outcomes: Indications for Hysteroscopy Possible complications
  • Sexualilty including Lesbian Health – GYN 101 - Medical Students Learning Outcomes for this topic: Obtain a complete sexual history including sexual function and orientation Physiology of the female sexual response Common patterns of female sexual dysfunction The psychological, physical and societal impact on female sexual function
  • Vulvar and vaginal infections Part 2 – GYN 101 - CREOG Objectives 1.Describe the principal infections that affect the vulva and vagina 2.Elicit a pertinent history in a patient with possible infection of the vulva or vagina 3. Perform a focused physical examination 4.perform and interpret results of selected test to confirm the diagnosis a. vaginal ph b. saline microscopy c. potassium hydroxide microscopy d.…
  • Vulvar and vaginal infections – GYN 101 -   Common vulvar infections Acute bacterial cystitis Infections of the Bartolins Gland Pediculosis Pubis and Scabies Molluscum Contagiosum Condyloma Accuminata Genital Ulcers: Syphillis, herpes, Chancroid, Lymphogranuloma Venereum, Donovanosis   Acute bacterial cystitis Reproductive-age women are prone to ascending infections because of the shortness of the female urethra and the fact that the distal one third…
  • Preoperative Care – GYN 101 - Preoperative Care   Pretest Questions: 1. Which patients should routinely have EKG done before surgery? 2. Which patients should routinely have CXR done before surgery? 3.  How many times should the physician meet patient to discuss surgery? 4.  What lab tests should be done in preoperative patient? 5.  Is anemia a contraindication to surgery?   Pretest Answers:…
  • About – GYN 101 - Knols authored  by members of the gynecology resident team include a complete review of gynecology topics both gyn specific and women's health, including for example abdominal and pelvic anatomy, domestic violence, gyn urology, contraception, and benign disorders based on CREOG objectives with the learning outcomes of medical students rotating for their obstetrics and gynecology clerkship. Linked…

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