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    For the price,it is the best one I can find.High quality picture and sound,and it has power protecter.

  • Dan M. Beadle - All features needed for long term battery storage

    I have a Corvette and live in snow country. That means putting the car away for the winter. Fortunately, I have a place to store the car. The down side is it isn't heated. Batteries will freeze if they are allowed to discharge. To prevent that, I need to either drive the Corvette regularly, bring the battery inside, or put it on a charger.

  • D. Dickenson - Chemical and toxin free

    I have not been reading good things about the chemicals and toxins in baby products. I looked on the EWG site and this has neither chemicals nor toxins. I sent it to my daughter for the two grandbabies. I also ordered one for myself. It has a pleasant, light citrus scent. It is a large container, comes out as foam and will last a long time. I feel that the price is worth it. Gives me peace of mind. I plan to keep my daughter supplied with it.