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HeartGeek Guide to Heart-Healthy Living - Diet & Fitness Guide for Those Recovering from Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest - HeartGeek is a resource site providing heart healthy information related to lifestyle, diet, fitness, and technology.

  • http://heartgeek.com/about-heartgeek/ About HeartGeek - HeartGeek is a blog about heart healthy living. HeartGeek was started by Paul Maher who survived a heart attack and cardiac arrest in 2007.
  • http://heartgeek.com/my-heart-attack/ My Heart Attack - A journal describing my cardiac arrest, heart attack and bypass surgery. Major events from the two week stay in the hospital listed in chronological order.
  • http://heartgeek.com/contact-heartgeek/ Contact HeartGeek - Contact me with questions about your recovery, to share your story, or with questions about information posted on HeartGeek.
  • http://heartgeek.com/dietary-guidelines/#respond Our Dietary Guidelines Are Killing Us - The US dietary guidelines tell us what we are supposed to eat to stay healthy. Yet, as a nation, we continue to get sicker and fatter. What gives?
  • http://heartgeek.com/cardiac-recovery Heart Attack Recovery - An introduction to a four-part series outlining effective lifestyle strategies for long-term cardiac recovery.
  • http://heartgeek.com/heart-health-tips/#comments Heart Healthy Tips To Keep Your Ticker in Top Shape - To optimize overall wellness and protect your heart health, consider integrating a few of these heart-healthy tips into your daily regimen.
  • http://heartgeek.com/love/#respond Love Improves Heart Health - Love has many benefits, including better heart health. Find out how loving someone, something, or even yourself improves heart health.

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  • Magilla Gorilla - HOLD OFF FOR THE NEW MODEL

    Look I know it is a "Must Have" like the annual Iphone upgrade, newest version of windows and the latest model Ferrari, but if what I read in Technology World magazine is true, you want to wait on the Hutzler 572 Turbo. It is a serious upgrade over the 571, and lets be honest here, you do not want your neighbor showing off theirs, while all you have is the old 571? Sort of like that time you bought that 500lb Tube HDTV, and then your neighbor hung his Plasma on the wall a mere 2 months later. Besides rumor has it, the Hutzler 572 Turbo has an interactive app for Android.

  • A. Fisher - Brain fog and moodiness GONE

    I am on my second course of Amberen, after a six month break, and it works for me. I am only beginning peri-menopause, with no hot flashes or weight gain as of yet, but I was noticing an odd brain fog in the late afternoons and unexplainable moods of sadness or anger that had no connection to what was happening in my life. A friend for whom Amberen worked recommended it, and within two weeks of taking it I noticed a dramatic evening out of my emotional state and the brain fog completely disappeared. I took the full three month course happily and after a six month break began to notice the moodiness returning (although no brain fog yet ). I am only four days into my second course of Amberen, and my moods have returned to constant, normal, and general contented-ness again. I am so glad I found this product! (Note: I bought this product both times directly from the manufacturer, not through amazon.)

  • Anthony - Take practice

    This guide is very flexible which I think warrants additional patience/focus when using. After a few mess ups I'm starting to get the hang of it but every once in a while I won't hold it completely still resulting in uneven lines and forced to shave it all off. Definitely not a product you try for the first time before going out. Give a few tries and see where it takes you.

  • TAMooreIndy - Honda Sensing is Awesome. It's very quiet inside too....NICE

    I have a CIVIC EXT with CVT and Honda Sensing. I paid for the Honda sensing because I'm 61 years old and I was commuting 150 miles from Indianapolis to Evansville, Indiana once a week and the drive was very boring. My last car was a Buick Verano. I actually retired a few weeks ago so I no longer need to make the trip. But while I did this car was awesome. It was quieter than the Buick. It connected great to my iPhone and I could listen to podcasts to entertain myself on the trips. The car practically drove itself. All I did was set the cruise and go. If I started to drift if bumped back into the lane, it speeded up or slowed down to keep proper distance from other cars. And it looks fantastic. Mine is Blue and I've had many people randomly compliment how nice it looks. When I was young I had my share of muscle cars, Camaro, Corvette, etc. Of course this car is not that fast, but it will get up and go for sure. 2016 was definitely a big improvement in the design of this car.

  • Kindle Customer - Faulty controller

    Faulty controller. I have to.disconnect and reconnect multiple times before the controller works properly. Poor quality compared to the price.