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  • SharonM - I'm mad I did do get it sooner...

    I've had a 2015 Ford Explorer in since September. I was very surprised and disappointed when I pulled into my garage and it didn't fit because of the antenna. I've had larger SUV's with no problem. I found the stubby antenna on Amazon last week. It took me about 3 seconds to install. It works great and my kids and I aren't freezing every morning and warming up the car for twenty minutes. I'm so mad I didn't get it sooner.

  • Amazon Customer - it sits nicely on his coffee table or bookshelf as a proper ...

    My co-worker is a HUGE Ghostbusters fan and I got it as a gift for him. Even though the logo or the work "official" is not slapped on it anywhere, it sits nicely on his coffee table or bookshelf as a proper book that mostly Ghostbusters fans will recognize. I leafed through one months ago and was thrilled to find it on Amazon so I purchased two because I can't let my co-worker be the only one to own a copy.

  • Meagan - Great Waffles!

    I needed a new waffle maker, and received this one for Christmas. I was a little discouraged about the reviews on Amazon but I kept it anyways because I really liked it. I understand what other reviewers are saying, but this is a waffle maker, not the Olympics. It's a kitchen appliance and you must be gentle with it. The close and turn area in the front IS made with plastic, but if you be gentle with it and turn it carefully it should not break. This iron has nice even heating, and you can control it easily with the dial. My gluten-free, grain-free waffles came out excellently around the 4ish heat setting. I would recommend this product to anyone. Do not buy if you are low on space.

  • Nicole R. - Not worth it

    I took these for about a month and I weighed exactly the same as I did when I started taking them. The only thing thats decreased is my caffeine consumption. I didn't need as much coffee to get going in the mornings. I still eat healthy, work out and am active. (Pilates, cycling, running, weights) When I stopped taking them I had serious caffeine withdrawal headaches, so I had to step down my usage of them slowly (backing off to one pill a day in the afternoon). If you can handle the taste of coffee, its a lot cheaper than these pills. Im not sensitive to caffeine, and never have been, so that may be why they didn't really help my energy levels. I also don't have problem with portion control, but these didn't seem to change my hunger levels or keep me from wanting a normal breakfast, big lunch and smallish dinner. Its hit or miss, but if you're on the fence, join a gym or go for a run every other day. You'll notice faster results.

  • ThatFatLady - Breath Touch-Ups

    I first tried this at the dentist's & fell in love with the minimal burning and fantastic flavor. I still have to use other mouthwashes for the health of my teeth, but this stuff is great for breath touch-ups!

  • C. R. Imes - Couldn't Read It Fast Enough!

    One of Sandford's best. Loved the story, but do wish he wouldn't keep writing about things happening to animals. That's my only complaint. Great entertainment!