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Homebirth Debate - Every scientific study to date has shown that homebirth has an excess of preventable neonatal deaths compared to hospital birth.

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  • Michael Christly - More than you expect!

    I got more than I was expecting. It has every aspect of Microsoft Exchange 2010. There is nothing left out. If you can do it with Exchange this book tells you about it, and the best practice need to accomplish said task. As precaution, this is not a punch list of if you do "xyz" you are in best practices. This book presents the options of the best practice in that configuration, and it is up to you the administrator to interpret and apply it to your environment. The book references invaluable tools need to accomplish your daily duties, and including tools that are needed when upgrading from previous versions of exchange. This book has so much in-depth detail that you might be overwhelmed. The content I would consider to be at a level 300 or 400. This is not a book for a beginning administrator unless you seek in-depth detail about every aspect of Microsoft Exchange.

  • Shaiha - Slight exaggeration.

    I do like this cup as it is a great size for me. I drink a lot of iced tea a day. And I just love how my glass doesn't sweat. The reason I am not rating it higher is while the ice does last longer, there is no way it would last 24 hours. In my drink starting out with tumbler half full of ice and cold tea, the ice had all melted after three hours. My drink stayed really cold but talk about a slight exaggeration.

  • Al Hence - Courtroom Cliffhanger

    Well worth watching. A routine exercise in the legal thriller genre, sub-category "little guy vs the big bad corporation and its lawyer stooges". The whole thing is very well executed by a veteran cast led by the always excellent Billy Bob Thornton and William Hurt, both playing characters they mastered years ago. They are ably assisted by Molly Parker and Olivia Thrilby as opposing counsel and an unrecognizable Dwight Yoakham as the chief big bad. Tania Raymonde turns in an excellent performance as the obligatory hooker with a heart of gold. Despite some weak writing (especially the conclusion) the show is still head and shoulders above most of the available TV fare and deserves a bigger audience share. However, low viewership so far seems to have doomed any season 2 efforts. Recommended.

  • Iron man - Great result

    Easy to use. Used product. changed oil & coolant after use. No sign of mixing. Power increase amzing after the seal took.

  • Denise Van plew - satisfy the craving

    If not mistaken this author has not written many but fortunate for us readers she has chosen a series in paranormal. She will get you involved right away with Prince Kael whom will have a big upset. Whom he thinks caused it will also pull on emotional strings (just like this author does) with Cara being a suspect. When it is unraveling we get to be right there every step of the way. She will give us how love will conquer prejudice also. It will also be hard not to become attached to this prince because he belongs to someone else. I find it exhilarating reading love/hate battles seeing who will come out on top. By the time it is finished unraveling with final outcome you will have been melted by heat and satisfied your craving for suspense. Good beginning also in this series.

  • Cameron Clark - very interesting but shockingly different book

    Very interesting book. Ties many world events together and explains many isolated and odd events. The writer is very pro-German and pro Hitler but makes a compelling case for their entry into the war that has certainly never seen the light of day in American media. I would have to do some further research to come to my own conclusions as to how true the assertions of this book are, but they make sense and certainly give you a different perspective.

  • Adele Montana - Nifty little manual coffee "maker"

    I got this because I broke my single serve Black and Decker coffee maker when it was still new and didn't want to shell out much money to replace it so soon. I saw this and thought, what the heck, but didn't expect much. It was an "add-on" item through Prime. Wow! It works great for a quick cup of coffee in the morning. Just put the coffee in the net basket and pour hot water through it into the cup. I wait a few minutes, then squeeze out the remaining brewed coffee, and set it aside to dry out so I can shake the grounds into the trash or my garden later. The coffee that results is very decent. I'm quite happy I got this and may get another. It collapses flat for storage or traveling, and it's very well made.