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  • Aakash Arora - Buyer beware

    Just bought a new 2016 Honda Accord Sport a week ago. This car has a known defect, still Honda continues to sell it. There is very annoying and tiring vibration when you are stopped on a red light or stuck in traffic. You can feel the vibration in the driver and passenger seats as well as in the steering wheel. Search for "2016 Honda Accord Sport vibration" in google and youtube to see what the defect looks like. Dealer told me this is a known defect and Honda doesnt have a fix. They also let me drive other 2016 accord sport vehicles and all of them had this defect. From what I have read all Honda 4 cylinder earth dream engines have this issue.

  • Lady in Blue - Awesome!! If you prefer regular coffee on the ...

    Awesome!! If you prefer regular coffee on the go; this is your perfect companion. Very sturdy, yet could fit in your purse; or on a camping trip. I could not be happier for the quality. Fits any cup/mug size. Perfect.

  • Kristina - Fastest monopoly ever!

    This verizon of monopoly is a much faster way to play the classic game. The game is much different though and many of the rules have changed. The electric device keeps up with everything including your money, which properties you have, and even how many houses are on each property. If your a monopoly fan I recommend getting this game so you enjoy the newest Verizon! Which is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

  • Felicia Sherman - Highly recommend for someone who has stress issues

    Highly recommend for someone who has stress issues. It helps with regulating hormones and keeping stress levels down. I have been using Holy Basil for the past 5 years and definitely will continue using it in the future!

  • Ryan & Zach's Mimi - Really Does Help Reduce Dark Circles!!!

    I ordered this a month ago and received it very quickly and in perfect condition. After using this for a month I can say that the product is nothing less than amazing. I am in my late 50's and my skin is very, very dry and I have lines. I have circles and bags and lots of smile wrinkles. It was obvious to me that I couldn't get rid of those totally, but I just wanted something that would help me with dark circles and under eye bags and also with those difficult to deal with lines. And I'm not exaggerating when I write that out of everything that I have ever used, this hands down is the best eye cream ever. I normally have dark circles under my eyes. I never get enough sleep.

  • Sparkasaur - Not too be taken seriously.

    This book feels like it was written for teenagers. The language is oversimplified, and sometimes sounds downright unintelligent. The writer literally used the contraction "gonna" in the logic reasoning section. There are also too many references to the writer's personal opinion on matters.

  • Daniel K. - i got scared, but much better than expected!!!

    okay, so i came to amazon and saw all this bad reviews about this game, so i was very skeptical but i really wanted the ps eye and some game to try it with. after many days of doubting i got this game. THIS IS SO MUCH FUN AND ALSO A GREAT WAY TO EXERCISE they also have a sweat mode where you just dance for extended times of period. i think most of the bad reviews are because they didn't follow the way you should adjust your camera and the environment. if you do so the game will work very well, and although i saw the camera getting confused when 2 people where playing the FUN is still there. the recording of your moves at the end of every dance is very very would definitely recommend this game!