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www.iagim.org - Welcome to I.A.G.I.M - Locum International is a Pharmaceutical Research and Development Company specialising in drug development, scale-up, validation and regulatory affairs in the ANDA and NDA global market. Incorporates IAGIM, a Drug Development Association publishing Generic Pharmaceutical journals and technical Handbooks Generic Dosage form Know-how and Off Patent Innovative Drug Development.

  • http://iagim.org/catalog/hb/v17p1sp.php3 Iagim.org - Catalog - Handbook Series Generic Drug Development - This unique 10 part Series in the Handbook of Pharmaceutical Generic Development provides in each part, ten to twelve individual state-of-the-art real life commercial master formulations together with the full manufacturing process. All processing and control details are present.

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  • 44fanatic - Vast Improvement Over Factory at a Greatly Reduced Cost!

    I purchased a new fridge a few months ago and almost immediately noticed that the water flow was extremely slow. Our water quality is quite good and filtration is not a big factor for me. Most recently, the ice cubes were coming out without completely forming and the ice maker could not produce enough ice to fill itself. Unfortunately, the icemaker and water dispenser will not function without a filter in place or I might have just removed the original.

  • Isaac T. Davis - Very informative /Well written

    This book does a great job of itemizing various illnesses and ailments, then addressing & advising holistic methods for dealing with the ailments.

  • Mark Jacobson - It's a great small gaming keyboard.

    I love the sound of the keyboard, I love the lighting effects and how they can be customized, and I love how well built the keyboard feels.

  • Bookreader11 - good story

    I was pretty worried about where this story was going when I started reading. I don't want to reveal too much of the story, but at more than one point, this girl should have gone to the police... and the hospital. I guess the premise that she has just turned 18 means she is really naive. Also, wouldn't a girl be pretty sure whether or not she had been raped when waking up? She is also way too young to be involved with the H in the story. He's a lawyer and he meets her on her 18th birthday. I know this is perfectly legal and accepted as a normal occurance, but that doesn't mean it's okay. She's literally referred to as a "little girl". Both of the main characters have classically EVIL parents. Especially their mothers. Neither have any true friends to interact with. They really can't trust anyone but each other for those reasons. I did end up getting wrapt in the story and the main characters, and I liked the ending alot. It does redeem some of the content. There is alot of very graphic sexual content (and description of rape) and some violence. The story is told from both POVs. Since it does bring up some issues, I think it's worth a read.