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  • Fair Opinion Man - Disappointed User

    Disappointed, but it was my own fault. I had an earlier version of Quicken with all my history. I failed to read the fine print in this version that does not have the functionality to download prior historical files so for me it was a wasted expenditure.

  • Kevin Knill - ... view is that for $179 try and find a better more fun interactive robot

    My view is that for $179 try and find a better more fun interactive robot!!! Yes there are disadvantages, you need a wifi connection and the current selection of games is small but hopefully more will be added along with other features etc. It was easy to setup and fun was had immediately. It even managed to do a face recognition of my cat (had to get the cat to stay still for more than 5 seconds however) . I would like to see eventually that multiple units can interact (interesting that they don't already as it would have pushed sales even more). Having the phone tied up with the app is required but get over it and try and live without your phone for a while ! I did get calls coming through as was able to take them OK and the robot fun continued after the call was finished. I do think they need edge sensors on side and back as I had to launch myself across the table to prevent a fall during play. Its version 1.0 so everybody needs to realize this and not get to worked up if it cant play cards with you, make the tea or take the dog for a walk. Its fun, its unique and I love it.