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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Tony - I got one good Clone Disk and now the software won't start!

    Be wary of this program, and particularly its non-existent support. I downloaded and installed the program with no problem. Made a clone disk and all seemed to go well. Two weeks later I attempted to make another clone disk, and the program wouldn't even start up. I wrote for support and of course my mail took 2 days for anyone to answer a simple question, and forget about follow up or talking to anyone live. Unless you have a month to message them, with two days in between each post, you'll never get any help from them. I googled acronis and the startup problem and found that this is a widespread problem with seemingly no solution. Wanting to try everything, I uninstalled the program and reinstalled and as I had been told by others, the problem was still there. So after spending all this money on this thing, and getting one good backup (no I didn't install anything else that might conflict), the software is useless. As was any attempt to get my money back. So purchase this at your own risk, it is not a well designed piece of software and it will cause you more headaches than it will ever be worth. They did send an upgrade, that didn't do anything but slow my computer down, and it still won't load.

  • Barbara Heller - Awesome!!

    Excellent product - been using for years! Tried many products but nothing renewed and clarified my face like this product. Removes all of the dead skin cells and leaves my skin soft, clear, and luminous. When I start using a lot of moisturizer I know it's time to use the facial peeling. Moisturizer is absorbed by the dead skin cells and the moisturizer cannot do what it's suppose to do- it cannot penetrate the skin below the dead skin cells. Excellent product and Amazon is the BEST place to order from.

  • Navy Chief - DEFINITELY NOT OEM!! Beware buyer!

    This product is NOT OEM. Not even close! First off, the package arrived directly from China, in dark gray plastic wraps and Chinese writing. After removing the plastic, the fuel cap was in a standard brown cardboard box, NOT an OEM MOPAR box. It did come with instructions in English.

  • Erika Gomez - You'll love this product

    I love this moisturizer and really can't live without it! It's silky on the skin and absorbs nicely. Not heavy scented by any means. I've since purchased 4 jars and have given them to family and friends.

  • M. Ennis - It really works!

    This is a great product. I got a puppy last summer and she was covered in fleas. I didn't want to use harmful chemicals on her and so sprayed her bedding, my furniture and etc with this stuff. It kills fleas instantly on contact. I did also spray my puppy - not as much as the directions said- and she maybe licked it off as she vomited. But I am not 100% certain it was from the spray. So after that, I just sprayed it on the flea comb and combed her- that was enough to finish off the last of the fleas. The scent (clove) is not bad, and it dissipates quickly. Plus it is just clove and peppermint oil- so I do not mind spraying it on my furniture and bedding. We are flea free!! This product is awesome. It works!!! and is safe on puppies and kittens 8 weeks and older.

  • Amazon Customer - Faulty Front Wheel Switches

    Very disappointed in the front wheel switches that allow the wheels to swivel. Both switches have broken in just 7 months. We did not even use the feature these switches offer which is locking the wheels so they do not swivel. A nice feature if you want to roll your baby back and forth while they sleep. BUT a real pain when the switch breaks and the wheels won't turn during a walk.